Friday, May 31, 2019

Music Class Blouse and Finch Shorts for Beatrix

The last of the bulk corduroy , thank goodness.
Not to mention finally having the perfect project for a lovely Liberty piece sent to me from Jenna.

I have no idea how many times I have sewn the Music Class blouse
It is such a classic looking blouse. The style is slightly cropped so it you want to tuck it, add some length. (I just size up)
The fullness the gathers (or pin tucks) at the yoke, gives, is perfect ease for a toddler tummy OR a gentle allowance for a preteen young lady.
You can see how much longer than the sleeves are than the body, add a few inches length, to be safe.
I used dear little MoP flower buttons and stitched them with pink thread.
The Finch Shorts are another favourite.
I wanted to use the pink buttons on the faux tabs but my little Brienne plumped for the Knight buttons.
I knew she would.
(The buttons were from deep-stash, I have NO idea where they came from, sorry)
I do like to to stitch closely to the edge of the front pleat, just to help hold it in place.
The back fit is comfortable (thanks to the half elastic waist) and easy to fit.
Such a cute look.
 I made Trixie the size 5 in the blouse (we flip the cuffs back) as I wanted a good few years wear from this lovely fabric.
The shorts are size 3 with the length of a size 5. (The Finch shorts are very generous sizing).
I always put an extra long piece of elastic in the back casing and leave an opening so I can let them out, as needed.
~My Verdict~
I love both these patterns.
Both sew up beautifully and have boutique finishes. Both have that classical look but are very wearable.
They also sew up well from scraps of fabric #ninjacutting. 
~Trixie's Verdict~
I like the buttons, I like the princess with a sword.
The flowers are nice (on the shirt) (but) the fighting princess is best.
Thank you for reading... xx N

Music Class blouse tutorial here
Finch shorts tutorial here

Tribe's adorable nellie is knitted by my dear friend Katy . Beatrix has quite a little family of them, we are very lucky. 

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Style Arc Roxy Shirt for Me (Or not)...

So, I climbed back on the Style Arc pony (Again)
And made another Roxy shirt.
Do you remember my last one
I incorrectly printed my pattern and it was too big.
Happily this has gone off to a new home.

I decided I really like this shirt so I ordered a paper copy, in size 10, the same size as my Style Arc Lauren shirt 
Which I adore!
Now, my bust measurement is actually a size 12 BUT my 'Lauren' fits me so nicely and it is a 10....
So I sewed the 10.
The fabric is gorgeous, a fine spun cotton in black and white stripe.
(From 4m I sewed this shirt, Trixie's blouse and a Aime Comme Mister shirt for Hugo, to be sewn)
All the fabulous details, sleeve tabs.
Super cute back flap.
Stylish front pockets and two piece collar.
An altogether beautiful shirt.

And the fit?
Look at the poor straining button, more stressed than Hugo waiting for his GAMSAT results

I can't believe it, not again.

I can't wear it, it is far too tight to be decent and I don't do open front shirts.
I will try and FBA this pattern but not now.
 I have used two precious pieces of hoarded fabric and both didn't fit due to a rookie measuring mistake.
My Style Arc Juliet shrunk in the wash so Elsa now has it.
So, three shirts in a row that didn't fit me.
I have some nice black and white gingham I will sew another Lauren in, as I KNOW that fits me.
I will try an FBA on the Roxy or I may just buy the size 12...

I really don't want to think about it now.
Image from Pinterest
Zara is coming home this weekend so I will offer it to her, maybe she can style it like the picture above, oversized and casual elegance. 

Any hoo....

Thank you for reading... xx N

Friday, May 24, 2019

McCall's 9293 Pants for Zara

Now for something completely different.
Animal prints never really go out of style.
Image from Pinterest.
Zara sent me the above picture from Pinterest.
Now I had picked up some drape-y rayon from this seller on eBay that I thought would work well.

Zara chose this pattern.
I have no idea where this one came from, possibly a bundle off of eBay.
It was pre-cut to a size medium but it seemed to have a lot of ease.
Image from A. Clore Interiors, article below. 
I can't decide whether it is jaguar or leopard print.
I am leaning towards jaguar.
An interesting article here explains it well.
The pants have an elastic back with ties at the front.
The ties are finished with a narrow double hem.
Zara was in town so I guess-timated the elastic length knowing I could alter it if needed.
It was spot on!
I think Zara looks fabulous in them.
Very cool.
~My Verdict~
Another surprising pattern choice by my girls.
I would have overlooked this one, too 90's for my tastes.
Zara looks great and I have a go-to pattern, I can sew up for her, even when she is not available for a fitting.
The fabric was really nice and had gorgeous drape.
The double hem was a little fiddly, the fabric didn't take a pressed hem but with the aid of clover clips, it was do-able.
I did shorten the pattern, by a few inches, at the lengthen/ shorten line.
~Zara's Verdict~
Thes pants are absolutely insane, I cannot get over how groovy they make me feel yet they are so, so comfortable.
I wore them to Uni and someone said, 'Wow, you get dressed up for Uni, I just like being comfortable', I told them how wrong they were!
Mum actually made these without me being home. How amazing is that? One waist measurement and she was ready to go!
So cute!
With the left over jaguar print, Zara has asked me to make her dress  like this.
If anyone knows of a pattern, please let me know?
Thank you for reading.... xx N

Thursday, May 16, 2019

OOP Simplicity 8576 Blouse for Beatrix

I had to sew this again while it still fits!
It is OOP Simplicity 8576 made as a blouse.
It is ALL about the sleeves.
Trixie is still wearing this one (and the adorable vest Aunty Sarvi knitted for her)
And this one (as a blouse rather than a dress now)
I had #ninjacut this when cutting the Roxy shirt (to be blogged) for me and a Mister shirt (to be sewn) for Hugo.
It is a gorgeous, silky weave but very strong cloth.
I thought the black and white stripe would work beautifully with all her recently sewn dungarees
I love the way the bias cut puff sleeve works with the stripe.
It is *almost* too snug through the body (it is a size 2). 
 Trixie doesn't mind and I used an extra long zip so it is easy to get on.
I wanted to use the black guipure daisies across the chest seam but Trixie insisted on having them around her neck.
I may sneaky unpick them and move them, as I can then 'hide' them under her vest, however, Trixie is pretty clue-y so I may not either...
~My Verdict~
I love this pattern!
It has all the lovely vintage details.
Multiple darts in the bodice to gently shape it, elbow darts for wearing ease.
And those fabulous sleeves!
I finished the hems with a narrow double hem and topstitched the seams for strength.
~Trixie's Verdict~
I like the flowers, I wanted them around my neck, I don't want them unpicked.
I like all of it and I like the colours.

She chose this ensemble to wear to footy/netty last week. I don't know if I would do the 'double ruffle' myself but if you cant pull it off at 4, when can you?
Thank you for reading... xx N