Sunday, October 23, 2016

Aime Comme Marie Mister

Another day...
Another Birthday...
Another Liberty shirt.
Another Aime Comme Marie Mister shirt.
(Sadly, I could not find a link so I think it may have been discontinued).
Silky Liberty Capel with smoked MoP buttons stitched with black thread.
The high shaped yoke gives such a nice shape.
And allows the very flattering modern fit.
The sleeve placket looks so nice, always a Rock Star moment.
I can sew one of these bad-boys in around six hours.
This piece of cloth was actually Matilda's but when Hugo mentioned he wanted #aweekofliberty (five Liberty shirts), Tildy insisted he used hers.
There is enough left for something else for her.
~Hugo's Verdict~
I must admit I do have a very soft spot for Liberty shirts but even so I really do love this shirt. The fabric is so soft and the cut of the shirt follows the contours of my body perfectly as I quite like, but is not tight. This makes the shirt something that I can wear to any event and look stylish but still very comfortable.

Isn't he gorgeous? 
Happy Birthday Beamish, 19 years has passed very quickly.

xx N

Friday, October 21, 2016

More Puppet Show

I seem to be doing quite a bit of 'more' sewing.
Repeat patterns are getting the work out.
My sewing time is pretty sparse these days so not too much experimenting with new patterns.
Puppet Show shorts are always a winner with my girls. The bloomy style means they get a lot of wear from them.
These are the size 5.
(In the larger size of the pattern, the smaller size is way too small, people OS must have super small nappies for their babies)
I sewed them up in a 1/2 m remnant I picked up ins Spotters ($2)?
It is a linen/cotton mix and was a bit scratchy but after washing it in Softly it has settled and Tilly has skin like a rhino so it doesn't bother her.
I only buy remnants now if I have a use for them and I give myself a deadline to use it.
Too much of anything is not a good thing and I have way too much fabric.
I like a flat front on elastic shorts so I used this  method.
I also added a lace trim to the pocket, my lace is pre-gathered with elastic so I just poked it under the binding.
If the lace is flat, add it when you gather the top of the pocket.
~Matilda's Verdict~
I very much like the pockets.
They (the shorts) are very comfy.
I wore them to the Coonalpyn show.
They are good for the jumpy castle.

Tilly is wearing them with her size 2T Puppet Show tunic, it was a bit snug but she desperately wanted to wear it one last time.
It has since transferred to Trixie's wardrobe. 

Tilly has requested another Puppet Show tunic, if I make the 5 she should still be wearing it when she leaves school...
I have a step by step tutorial for a sturdy Puppet Show tunic/dress here

Thanks for reading, as always.
xx N

Monday, October 17, 2016

(Another) Forest Path Cape

I made another...
Another O+S Forest Path cape.
I sewed it up in another piece of fabric from our Melbourne shopping trip.
It is a lovely, soft, fluffy wool/poly mix. Quite loosely woven so I edged stitched all the edges,(before construction) not just the shoulders (as directed in the pattern instructions).
I lined it with a pearl pink silk satin.
A happy mistake, I cut this out during our recent SA power outage and in that dark I mixed up the lining I had set aside for this and some silk for a top for Zara.
The silk was slippery to sew but will breathe all the better and there is plenty left for Zara.
I made Tilly the size 8 as I want it for next Winter, it is definitely not overly big on her (her chest put her in the 4) so I think it is a pattern you can safely size up in.

The extra room will mean she can wear layers under it. This cape will be very handy and to fill the void until I make her new coat.
The buttons are enamelled shell from Ebay.
I just love them.
~Matilda's Verdict~
I really love the buttons they are very cute.
the in side is made out of silk and it is very soft.
The out side is very warm because it is made of wool.
Thanks, as always, for reading.
xx N

A quick (Elise) tee.

Don't you love Pinterest?
I do, some really great stuff.
Some great free stuff.
Like this tee
The Elise tee is a sleeveless, slightly caped sleeve, shaped tee.
It makes for a very wearable, casual tee.
I really take my time with finishing when I sew knits.
They last longer, look more professional and it makes for a more rewarding sew.
I also was obliged to take quite a bit of time with this tee as my cover stitch was being a pain. When it works, it is awesome, when it works...
I like to top stitch the front neck seam and then cover the back neck seam with my label tape (thin cotton webbing will do too and you can get some very pretty printed ones)
I also top stitched the sleeve cuffs.
The pattern needs to be sewn in a very stretchy knit, think lycra, or something very sheer, like a linen/cotton super fine knit.
The fabric was another bargain from Eliza's of Sunshine $1/m and I wish we had bought more.
~Zara's Verdict~
The fabric of this t-shirt is absolutely gorgeous. I have always loved the blue tie dyed look and I now have a lovely soft comfortable t-shirt in it. I'm not gonna lie, I will probably have to be forced out of it and it will most likely jump up my list to my favourite yoga top. 

I made Zara the small, I have cut myself a large... I will let you know how it goes.
xx N

Friday, October 7, 2016

Don't toss those Scraps!

Do you want an excellent scrap buster?
The O+S After-School trousers.
I have a step by step tute here.
I had some long strips of this lovely light washed stretch denim left over from Hugo's jeans.
And Zara's skirt.
The nice thing about this pattern is that it is made up of a series of long strips and that is often what you have left over after cutting out.
image from
Denim track pants are all the rage, very comfortable and neater (and more hard wearing) then knit.
Tildy has desperately wanted a pair.
Tilly is tiny!
Size 4 with the length of a 7 (but I chopped off a bit before I added the cuff)
Denim fades so I deliberately chose a lighter ribbing and used white, heavy topstitching thread.
I wanted to add a waist tie and make it functional so I used D-rings and two strips which I sewed in place after I had finished the trousers.
I left off the ruffles and went with a clean, jeans look.
How cute are these?
How cute is she?
Very stretchy.
Very sturdy.
These will be handing down to Trixie.
~Tildy's Verdict~
They are very comfy. I like the pockets at the back a lot.
I like the tightner too. I road my bike in them a lot.
They are very good for a pair of around the house pants.
I like them a lot because I can wear them two days in a row.

Got to love pants you can wear two days in a row!

xx N


My gorgeous sewing gal-pal Lotta,
sent me some totes cute fabric.
1/2 metre of the softest, interlock cotton I have ever felt.
It made City Weekend feel like emery board.
I made a School Bus tee.
Size 4 with the length of a 7.
I added a few inches to the sleeve and a solid inch to the neckband.
Who wouldn't want a hundreds and thousands tee-shirt?
Super stretchy so it will fit for a long time.
~Matilda's Verdict~
It is very comfy and fun.
It is perfect for bike riding. I love the sprinkles. I feel very special and spoilt that Lotta sent me the fabric all the way from Sweden.
I have drawn her a picture and posted a thank you.

There was enough left for a pair of legging.
A pair of Playtime leggings.
Lolly legs!
~Beatrix's Verdict~
Trixie likes them a lot. She keeps licking her lips and saying 'Yummy'.
She was most upset when she wee-ed in them and I made her take them off.

Thank you Lotta, for the lovely fabric (not to mention the gorgeous enamel sign that is going on my sewing room door) and for your friendship.
I hope it will continue for many, many years.

xx N

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

More Jeans for Mummy.

I was a bit flat after the shirt debacle
So I made some more jeans
My custom fit Vado jeans.
In super stretchy, denim/wool from Spotlight, $16/m.
(Good and wide, I got a pair of jeans and a pair of long shorts from 2m)
I am so happy with these jeans.
I fitted the side seams before the final sew, always worth doing as different types of denim have different fits, apart from that I just sewed them up!
White, jeans top stitching thread makes a big difference in the finish.
I love the tummy room this pattern gives me.
But the fit at the back make me very happy.
On our hol's in Bendigo, I picked up this gorgeous wide leather plaited belt.
I made some long shorts with extra wide belt loops, to fit.
I used copper topstitching for a more casual look.

~My Verdict~
I have nailed this pattern. I will make one more pair in a heavy denim and that is my jeans well and truly sorted.
I am so happy with my capsule wardrobe, so far. Getting dressed is easy, I always feel smart, everything is worn regularly and I am getting a good feel for my style.
I have no doubt others could get bored but I am so busy I love it!
Getting dressed in the morning is enjoyable and very very quick!