Friday, June 10, 2022

Butterick B6296 Pyjamas for Elsa

 I love sewing pyjamas 

They are such a satisfying sew. A reasonably comprehensive sew but the fabric is generally not tricky to handle, ie cotton, linen or flannelette 

Nice and grippy!

My tried and true pyjama pattern is the lovely Liesl Gibson's B6296. I love this pattern so much I purchased multiple copies when Spotlight was having one of their '5 for $20' sales.

After Elsa had finished her Animal Science degree she secured a job at a vet clinic in Naracoorte. Anyone that knows that area will back me up in how chilly it can be, especially at night!

New japamas were required!
I purchased this lovely and thick flannelette at a Lincraft store in Mt Gambier.
It was marked down to $3/m and is labelled on the selvedge as a Peter Alexander Not For Domestic Sale.

I chose to use butterscotch coloured pre-made piping (from a huge bulk bundle I purchased on eBay) as I wanted to pull out the pale colour from the main background.

As per usual sew, I piped everything I could. I love the look and it actually make the pyjamas easier to fold/less likely to crease up after washing.
I chose clear plastic buttons, they don't detract from the print and they are super strong.
When I pipe the cuff, I prefer my method, enclosing the raw edge, rather than leaving a neatened seam. It doesn't take that much longer and it is a nicer finish.

Piping also makes this step much easier.

I piped the pocket edge and stitched the pocket bag in place. It stops it bunching up and, again, makes laundering easier.

When I sew the back yoke seam I neaten it, attach piping and THEN sew the two together otherwise it can bulky and problematic to stitch.

One set of super cute, super snuggly japamas for my beautiful baby.

#Please note, these pyjamas have super long legs, so check your pattern before cutting. They are also fabric hungry. I usually use 5 metres of flannelette, particularly if you have a directional fabric.#

Thank you for reading, stay safe and healthy.... xx Nicole 

Thursday, March 17, 2022

OOP McCall's 6936 Dungarees for Beatrix

I am not really sure why I sew for Trixie as she spends most of her days in knickers, singlets, wellies and a big hat.

I have so many beautiful vintage patterns that she has sized out of. I swear I am going to spend my retirement sewing up fabulous children clothes, selling them on Etsy and then donating the money.

If she has  to wear clothes, Trixie like dungarees. She dislikes anything firm around her middle. 

I have had this OOP McCall's 6936 waiting in the eaves.  It is a size 6, which fit Trixie's waist and chest but I knew it would not be long enough in the body. I cut and added one inch to the lengthen/shorten line.

I extended the legs length by an inch, as well, this girl is growing like a mushroom.
I fitted the dungaree on Trixie, before sewing the tables in place, to make sure they were at her waist after all the adjustments.
The button tabs are adorable but also make it easy for her to go to the lavatory.
I used enamelled shell buttons in the sweetest pearly pink.

The ease though the body is comfortable to wear, Trixie is not keen on waistbands.

The fabric is a pretty, floral corduroy from Spotlight on sale now which was a little stiff before pre-washing but laundered beautifully.

A very happy sew, they look super sweet, are comfortable to wear and a relatively quick sew, so no hard feelings if they don't get much wear.

Thank you for reading and stay safe... xxNicole 


Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Butterick B6296 Pyjamas for Matilda

 Please be aware of a moving slideshow in this post, take care if you are photo phobic. 

Oh, Lisette pyjamas, how do I love thee?

I do enjoy piping so I love sewing fancy pyjamas.

When you think about the amount of time we spend in pyjamas they are completely worth the time is takes to make them.

Tilly needed new japamas for Show camp. On a shopping trip in Mt Gambier I popped into Lincraft and, serendipitously, they were having a huge sale. I picked up this brown, irregular dotted flannelette for $3/m. I purchased 5 metres which enabled me to cut a full set of long sleeved/legged pjs plus a bonus pair of shorts.

This fabric is bonkers, it is so thick and soft. Think the Amy Butler flannelette of past, soft.

Originally we were going to do black piping but a last minute swop to white pleased everyone.

Once again, I piped every seam that I could pipe.

As usual, I neatened the back yoke and seat seam before adding the piping other wise it is an uneven sew.

I also interface the cuffs, facings and pocket tops as well as stitching down the front facings. It keeps it neater after laundering.

I do like to enclose the cuff seams too, topstitching from the right side.

Job worth doing and all that!

We do have to shorten the legs for us wee Kellers but that is not a hard fix.

Such a nice pattern and a super sew.

Thank you for reading xx Nicole 

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Lekala vest #6063 for Jed

 I made Jed a vest for our family photos which we had taken latest year.

I went with a pink/brown/cream colour scheme but we had them printed in B/W so it didn't make a difference, in the end. 

I used the Lekala #6063 vest pattern, the same one that I had made for Hugo

I have several waistcoat patterns but I thought if I went with the custom fit Lekala first, it would give me a block to help with fitting future sews.

The fabric was from deep stash, a flecked, heathered wool that I had previously made a Little things to Sew cape for Tilly
Eeek, Tiny Tilly.
I didn't have quite enough cloth to sew the back from the wool so I used the de-lustered satin that I had made Lidia's formal dress  from.
It is a good heavy Duchess satin but I chose to interface all the pieces, main and lining, with some tailors weight heavy interfacing. It takes considerable time to apply but the result is well worth it.

The lower welt pockets are a little too low on the waistcoat to be useful but I made them anyway as I thought it good opportunity to practice that skill.
I like to use this video for guidance.

The buttons are vintage, leather knot buttons and I chose to edge stitch the waistcoat for structure. 
For a first sew, it was a good fit.
I was pleased with the fit around the chest and the arms but I think it could do with a wee bit of length at the front although Jed has said he wouldn't want it any longer at the back.
I also knotted the back straps and I think will do a buckle for future sews. That said, Jed said the knot didn't bother him, it sat in the curve of his back and he didnt' notice it sitting, even in the car.

I recommend this pattern and have two nice pieces of wool melton, one mustard and one chartuese green, to make him two more. Next time I will make a solid wool garment with satin lining, so he can wear them as a stand alone piece.

Thank you for reading, stay safe, stay well.
                                                                               xx Nicole 

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Lekala #2379 Short Blouse for Matilda

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(Thank you for your votes on my last post, I came second and won three patterns)!

More camp sewing.

A very snappy casual blouse from Lekala. Custom fit, of course.

Tilly chose this pattern, and at the time, I thought it a bit ordinary. After sewing it I have changed my mind.

I used the rest of the taupe linen/cotton I purchased from a Lincraft sale (the leftovers from Tilly's peasant blouse and Zara's Style Arc blouse to be blogged) and Tilly chose faux tortoiseshell buttons.

The neck, front and back facings and the sleeve and bottom hems are all interfaced and then finished with double layer so that they sit nicely.

I chose to top stitch the facings down. It finishes the garment nicely as well as making the garment easier to launder.

Matilda has a similar body shape to me, narrow shoulders with a full bust. It can make clothes shopping tricky.
The bust darts on this blouse give her breathing room without extra bulk.
The shoulder fit is spot on!

~My Verdict~
Another very nice Lekala pattern.
A rather boring looking blouse that will in fact be reached for often. Lidia has already borrowed it (although more cropped in style on her) and it looks equally cute with distressed jeans as a tailored skort.

The extra deep hems could be left un-interfaced if using a more draping fabric, like a rayon or silk but I like the structure with this weight of cloth.

The blouse is very neat and comfortable to wear and also has good sun coverage (Matilda has very fair skin and many moles and HAS to cover up).

I would definitely recommend this pattern and I think I will sew it again.

~Matilda's Verdict~
First of all, I LOVE how it works with everything. It's simple but gorgeous and goes with any outfit, due to its neutral colour. I love the tortoiseshell buttons as I am a big fan of tortoiseshell. They are not too small and not too big so they don't take over the piece.
Next time I would like the sleeves a bit shorter as if I have a short sleeve top I like the sleeves short.
I like the neckline as it shows off my necklaces. It was a wearable muslin but I really like it and am pleased with how it turned out.
Thank you so much Mumma!

You have to be happy with that!
Thank you for reading xxx Nicole