Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Liberty Liquorice~ McCalls 2353 OOP

Zara had her first work placement and requested a new outfit.
Something snappy but fun, elegant but easy to move in.
I suggested a Liberty blouse and spread the ones I had out for her to  look at (by FaceTime) she replied she liked ALL the Capels and may she have a patchwork one?
The pattern is McCalls 2353, OOP but still readily available on eBay.
This was my go-to pattern in my 20-30's when I still had a small waist.
I have made it several times before and Zara had them in town to try so I knew it would fit.
Zara chose the placement of the colours.
I wouldn't have mixed the two pinks together but when you are 18 and fabulous, why not?
The colours don't work but they do.
# Size 8 with a cm trimmed from the body shoulders tapered down to the front and back sleeve notches. 
# A cm trimmed from the sleeve cap.
#Added 2 cm to the hip tapering up to the waist for bottom ease.
# Narrowed the seam from the elbow down due to lack of fabric, one wrist pleat instead of two.
# Added two inches to the hem, front and back.
# Added a 2 cm back vent for ease.
# Swopped self facing to a double fold front band no interfacing in band.
# Sewed the sleeve cap with a 4/8ths seam for extra ease.
# Sewed the sleeve seam with 4/8ths seam due to lack of fabric.
# Sewed the rest of the shirt with 5/8ths seam.
Forgot (but should have) clipped the underarm seam before neatening for extra movement.
The skirt is Lekala #4335
I ordered the pattern purely on her measurements and finished it up to the side seams, so I could fit it on the weekend, when she came home.
It fitted perfectly!
Zara has a tiny waist so there was a lot or ease to try and sew in between the skirt and the yoke but it worked.
It is a very cute skirt and she is getting a lot of wear from it.
The only changes I made was to add belt loops.
~Zara's Verdict~
When I found out that I had my first work placement at a school, for my teaching degree at Uni, one of my first thoughts was what was I going to wear.
This lead to mum and I excitedly exchanging text messages with ideas of colours and patterns that could work.
A Liberty shirt and black skirt was the end result.
It was exactly what I pictured.
This is my first Liberty shirt and I am absolutely in love with it!
The quality is amazing and the fit is perfect. The Lekala skirt is even better than I could imagine. I'm utterly obsessed with it, it's so versatile. I can wear a shirt, t-shirt or jumper with it and it looks amazing.
Once again, thank you Mum Xxx.

Thank you Zara, that was lovely, miss you!

Thank you for reading xx Nicole

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Jedediah Jeans for Jed 2018

Six days a week (often seven) Jed wears work gear.

Work gear is usually good clothes that have been well worn and patched.
I am a #patchingninja. 
This time, how ever, his last two pairs of jeans were still in good nick but all his work clothes were stuffed.
So rather than sew work trousers (which would be stiff and uncomfortable for the first few wears) I passed his good ones down to work ones and made him some new 'good' ones.
My go to pattern for Jed?
The Jedediah trousers
Not actually a jeans pattern but they look pretty 'jean-ey'
Especially in heavy, rigid denim ($6/m from Eliza's of Sunshine) with heavy weight top stitching thread.
My existing pattern was already altered for Jed's short legs
 The pocket stitching template is supplied with the pattern.
After my disastrous Liberty lawn pocket experience (they went to hole in weeks and required removing and replacing, no, I don't want to talk about it, thank you) I used a silky but strong cotton poplin from Eliza's of Sunshine left over from Zara's Christmas dress #scrapbusting and French seamed the pocket bags for extra strength.
The finished product.
Gnome sewing at its finest.
Comfortable, sturdy, well fitting jeans for my whiskery fellow.
~Jed's Verdict~
Perfectly tailored gnome trousers for my short arse stature.
Very comfortable.
To the point!

I am really pleased with this pattern. It is, physically a hard sew, with the heavy cloth and copious top stitching but considering what his favourite jeans cost and the last pairs did NOT last it is a workout I am willing to do.

I cannot recommend this pattern enough. From the sturdy pocket facings to the 'steam and ease' directions for the leg side seams.

Thanks for reading...
xx Nicole 

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Lekala #4562 for Zara

More pretty sewing.
Do you recognise it?
I made one in rayon.
And Linen.
Lekala #4662
I sewed this up in a very pretty, nude coloured, self spot tulle.
This is actually my pattern, not a new sized pattern.
I used a scrap of satin binding for the neck and added a tiny gather at the front so I could use the scrap.
But Zara okayed it and there was plenty of ease.
I sewed it with French seam throughout as they were visible and a tiny narrow double hem.
I hemmed the front and back and then sewed the side seams.
~Zara's Verdict~
This is such a beautiful shirt, its such a dainty and stunning fabric. The colour is just stunning and with the lovely silk binding it is just such a fabulous piece. 
Thanks Mum. 

Thank you for reading...
xx Nicole 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Lekala #7154 Hooded Jacket

The last jacket was such a success...
Zara requested another 
This time in black.
I picked up the fabric from Eliza's of Sunshine. It was a heavy weight rigid knit with quite a washed out finish.
I only purchased 2 m as it was super wide, $4/m.
So far I have cut Hudson pants for Elsa (to be blogged) this top and a pair of shorts and there is enough left to make something for the little girls.
The pattern is Lekala #7154 a unisex style sports jacket with unlined hood.
As always, with Lekala, you pop in your measurements and print off your custom size pattern.
The very sporty separating zipper came from here
(There are some seriously kinky latex fabric available too, if that is your thing)
Jokes aside, great seller.
After a month my zip had not arrived so I let them know, they refunded me immediately.
Another month passed and it arrived so I emailed them to send another invoice and was told to have them complimentary.
A great zip with a grippy toggle and very strong teeth.
I guess you need a good, strong, grippy toggle in certain situations...
Heavy duty eyelets and white cord echo the sporty vibe.
The pockets gave me no end of trouble, last sew, as I seriously over thought them.
This time, no worries!
~Zara's Verdict~
This hooded jacket is such an essential piece in my wardrobe.
I wear it over my work out gear and also over a cute tee and shorts.
The hood is large enough that is covers my head but not so big that it is heavy and pulls the jacket back when worn down.
Next up, some simple shorts.
Zara pulled out this 'Nana' pattern and declared it 'just the job'.
Some shortie shorts with a faux shoelace draw string.
In red...
And black with cotton webbing trim around the legs.
I don't really enjoy sewing knits so I try and make the finishes as professional and RTW as I can, to try and get satisfaction that way.
I am just as fussy with my pinning, pressing and stitching as I would with woven sewing.
That helps.

(But I would rather sew a shirt)

Thank you for reading

xx Nicole 

Monday, March 26, 2018

Hugo's Jean Pool (groan) KwikSew 2123

New jeans for Beamish Boy.
An emergency phone call from the handy man.
his jeans were too toight.
So I made him another pair.
Hugo's tried and true Kwik Sew jeans 
It is very handy to have a pattern I can sew up, without fitting.
I altered the pattern previously, lowering the waist and pinching out some hip fullness but leaving the ease through the legs.
I added back pocket flaps and double back belt carriers.
The fabric is super stretchy denim/wool from Spotlight.
Mandatory pose for Nana Deb.
~Hugo's Verdict~
Since starting my studies at university I have had the opportunity to wear my nice, smart Eglington clothes more often.
My jeans in particular have had a good work out, to the extent that I had entirely worn out the backside in a pair.
I guess I can now officially be called a 'shiny bum'.
Luckily, Mum came to the rescue and I went from one pair of 'good' jeans to a repaired pair and a new pair very promptly.
My new jeans are the same design which are super comfortable and smart.
The stretch denim fabric has a lot of give which is good for me to tackle the trek up and down the hills at Flinders.
I guess I am saying I really like my new jeans and hope I don;t wear the backside out of the too soon.
As do I, Beamish, as do I...

Thank you for reading

xx Nicole