Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Pants for Mummy!

I finished my fourth pair of Lisette Portfolio Pants today and I now have the pattern fitting me nicely!

As it is coming into winter in Australia,I made this pair from a rigid denim and felt that they needed a metal toothed zipper. I was a little concerned I may zip my wobbly bits up in it so I fiddled around and came up with a zipper guard.

I sewed in the zipper following the pattern directions(if you are a little unsure I covered that in a previous blog).

Using a layer of denim and a layer of cotton I stitched a little flap and pinned it to the inside of the zipper,on the front side.

Working from the outside I topstitched it in place sewing over my existing stitching lines.

To neaten the top of the flap I folded it in side itself after cutting it away from the yoke seam,and topstitched. This was a little fiddly but it did work!

A close up of the neatened tab.

Complete the waistband as directed(Again,see previous blog post if you are a little hazy)

The inside view.
I topstitch over my existing zipper stitching.

By no means perfect,but it does the job,looks quite neat and no nipped skin!

The finished zipper.

I left the buttons off and added belt carriers to the back as well.

At last,jeans to fit a curvy girl!

Next up a Market blouse,can't wait!
x N


  1. Very clever! I am well acquainted with the problem of wobbly bits and zippers and side zips always seem the most prone to catch (perhaps because it's harder to suck that in??) It's also nice to see a pretty pop of color that only you know about too.

  2. You are so right Icicle,how does one suck in the side skin?
    Thank you,its by no means perfect but at least I can 'zip quick' now!

  3. These are great! I was just looking at this pattern yesterday. Yours are by far my favorites! The finishing on the zipper is so smart.

  4. Wow,thanks Lorna! What a lovely compliment!

  5. Fantastic modification, Nicole! I also like the tabs turned into belt loops. I'll have you know that I finally traced off one of the Lisette patterns for myself (passport dress) yesterday. I'm hoping to make a muslin this weekend.

  6. Thanks Cindy!
    Oh,I cannot wait to see that made up!
    Will you go with a full skirt or straight?

  7. Very nice! I must remember to come back and look here when I get around to those pants. THANKS!

  8. They look nice. I may have to follow that tip for making a shield when I do my skirt as I too would hate to catch my wobbly bits in a zipper of any kind.

  9. Oh I can't wait to see your Market Blouse! That's on my to do list.

  10. Thanks Jan,they are very quick to make!

    It was a quick make Stephanie,I am sure you could make a better design. I don't know that you would need one with a regular zipper?
    Thank you!

    Finished one Sarah,started my second! Very quick to make as long as you don't stitch your neck band on back to front and spend 25 mins unpicking it!!!!!

  11. Oh,Thank you!
    You are my diplomacy mentor!

  12. You have done a lovely job, Nicole. I chuckled about the "wobbly bits" as mine is not on the side, it's in the front. :) I wear skirts most days and they almost all have the size zip which hasn't been a problem, but the front....well, that's another story. Great solution and beautiful work.


  13. Thank you Carol,I used plastic teeth zippers in the other pants as they are a fuller fit,but I made these a little tighter as I find denim jeans 'grow' during the day.
    Thank you for your compliments!