Saturday, September 3, 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different.

There is my first true love,oliver+s,a haven from the mundane Big4 patterns I have sewn for the last dozen years.
Then I discovered Clever Charlotte and my heart sung at these original and very beautiful designs.
Both designers produce beautiful clothes but they do take time to bring to fruition. Sometimes you want to make something quickly but I have been spoiled by lovely styles and I don't want to go back to boxy ''Its So Easy'' patterns.

Enter Heidi&Finn,fun,funky and very fast to make.!
The first one I made was the Girly Cardigan.
I made the size 12-18 mnth for Matilda.

How cute is this?
Next up I made the Chic Cocktail Swing Coat.
One for Matilda.
And one for Lidia.
Isn't that bow fabulous?
Equally lovely from behind.
Ooooooooh Mummy!
When constructing the jacket consider interfacing where the button hole and bow are to be worked.
Also consider trimming the shoulder seams with pinking shears ans clipping under the arm.
I also pre-folded my sleeve hems before sewing the lining to the main.
I decided to trim the neck seam as well.
The coat would easily fit an eight year old
Here it is on Elsa,who is nearly 12,but is petite!
Before I sewed my bow edges I folded a narrow hem to the wrong side so that there wouldn't be raw edges.
The bow pinned ready for stitching.

Just to remind you....

Nighty night!
x N


  1. Great tips! I will try them out on my H&F patterns....Thanks Nicole! :)

  2. oh these are fab!! It's about ready to turn fall here so these would be wonderful for the cooler weather ahead! (although it's still in the 90s here) I have to say I still don't know how you are able to get all this wonderful sewing done! I really look up to you!

  3. What wonderful serendipity! I was looking around for more long--sleeved patterns after realizing the Sunday Brunch Jacket was going to be too boxy as a blouse (Chloe is slim and things tend to swim on her). I hunted through all of Etsy's childrens' patterns last week to see who had good patterns that would fit the bill and I stumbled on Heidi & Finn. I got the unisex hoodie, pintuck sweater, and cowl necked dress. Apparently I'm conquering knits whether I like it or not. :) I'd been eyeing up the coat but wasn't sure. Now that I have your endorsement I think I might be picking that one up as well. Thanks as always for the tips!

  4. Of course, having just splurged on the three fall O&S patterns I don't really *need* more.. but the swing coat is too cute to pass up. :)

  5. Too cute! What kind of fabric did you use to make your girly cardigan? I have the pattern, but am still trying to decide on the fabric.

  6. Wow,I am amazed you chaps found this! I hadn't linked it to a photo!

    I think the H&F patterns work beautifully with O+S and CC. A little trimming and clipping make all the difference to the finish.

    I would probably stick to simple colours or prints to keep that ''clean'' look as well.

    Thank you Raven.

    Sharon,you do an amazing amount of sewing yourself!
    I set myself goals,finish the ironing and then I can sew etc. It makes me work quicker through the house work. My older children help ALOT around the house,that is a huge bonus!

    Thank you Melissa,My children are ''slight'' as well so the slim nature of the H&F suits them well.
    Think I may have accidentally bought a few more as well.......
    Knits scare me a little,I used to avoid them as they did not finish nicely.
    The Ruffle Cardy is great as the seams are all inclosed!

    Mylinh,I used the nastiest old fleece that you can imagine! AND it is washing up beautifully!
    I was given a bag of windcheater fabric which I thought I would never use and now most of it is cut out for Ruffle cardys!

    To line it I used some very thin t-shirt fabric.

    Thank you so much for reading!
    x N

  7. I *must* stop surfing the internet, I just found a lovely weight-weight wool at a steal of a price and I think it will be perfect for the swing coat. How much did you need for the one for Miss L?

  8. I love that swing coat pattern too! It's a good one....

  9. Fabulous wraps! That swing coat is exactly what it claims--chic! And very retro. Beautifully done, as ever!

  10. I think I made Liddy's and Tillys from 2m's of 150 cm wide Melissa,if that is any help?
    Wool would be perfect and I did find some dusky rose tweed which sang a little chic swing coat song to me.....

    It is Elizabeth!
    I made the everyday coat for Tilly today,very quick and very very quick!

    It is fabulously retro Margaret,I am seriously impressed with these patterns considering how quickly they sew up!

    Thank you!
    x N

  11. Oh. My. Gosh!!! These clothes are beautiful! I haven't made any clothes yet, but this puts me over the edge and now I must!!!

  12. These are great patterns to start with Emily!
    If you get stuck,send me a email!

    Smiles to you to Susanne!


  13. I have been eyeing the H&F patterns for a while now, and the only thing stopping me from buying is the size range. Did you alter the pattern to make it fit your older child, or is the sizing generous?
    I am relatively new to your blog, but you have already inspired me so very much!

  14. Hi Sarah and thank you for the lovely compliment!

    I am a newby to H&F but will slowly make my way through them all as they are so quick to sew.
    The Chic Swing coat was quite roomy and the 5/6 easily fit my 7 year old,it would fit my 12 year old as a fitted jacket. The smallest size is very roomy on my 2 1/2 year old,how ever the smallest Chic Everyday coat was a snug fit on her(quite wearable,but snug)

    I hope this was a little help?
    x N

  15. I guess I missed this post, Nicole! What fun! Nicely done. I too like a quick pattern that can make up beautifully. ;) I think I would have to scale up the pattern as my daughter is not petite in sizing.

    Nicole, I have a private question I would like to ask you. Do you have a contact email for questions?

    Thank you,


  16. Forgive my poor manners. If you want to send me an email, in my profile I have my contact information. :)

    Thank you.

  17. Carol,my apologies,I only just found this comment.