Monday, December 5, 2011

Mermaids Mermaids Mermaids

The line up so far......
And now we meet Rosa.
Rosa is very tall and strong but she doesn't say much.
Rosa is kind but likes things her way and is not too happy if they are not!
Some of the smaller mermaids are a teeny tiny bit scared of her..... but not Lucinda!
Lucinda may be smaller then Rosa but she is older then her and makes sure she is not too bossy to the little baby mermaids.
Rosa will only wear pink and would probably not join in games if her gown was not pink!
She likes pink a lot.

Next we meet Michalia.
x N&L


  1. I love it! I'd love to see a side-by-side shot of them all completed!

  2. Yes, and I hope we get to see a picture of all the girls wearing them, too!

  3. I will try to get a photo but it may have to be a blurry face one!
    Just the beading on 4 and I am done,I hope to deliver them to the school this afternoon.

    Thank you!
    x N