Monday, August 4, 2014

Adding to the Rota

I will admit it.
I like a good list.
Write something down and it generally gets done.

My sewing rota has served me well. Hugo has printed me up a list with each family member's name and a space for their sewing choice.
Even Baby has a turn.
And now I added 'Gifts'.

Hopefully, it will help me get a bit more organised before Christmas.

First up, dolly clothes.
I used this pattern McCalls M6233
As Lidia and Matilda's dollies are quite small, 14'' height, there is not a lot out there to choose from. I was pleasantly surprised by this pattern.
It looks a little ho-hum but sews up sooo well!.
Who would have thought it would look like this?
I used the scraps from this little outfit
(I always made dolls clothes to match the Twins outfits, poor little daughter #4)
The pattern has excellent instructions and was not too fiddly at all.
(Not how I remember dolly clothes sewing)
It has velcro fastenings for easy dressing.
It even has teeny tiny facings!
Due to the narrow seam allowances I couldn't use my overlocker to finish but a narrow zigzag worked sufficiently well.
The dress is a wee bit wide for Elizabeth, nothing that a sash won't take care off.
Next I made a cape, firmly knocking off the instructions from the LTTS cape.
(The pattern is based on a professional pattern, if you are interested in it, let me know in the comments)
Using the scraps from this coat.
I am very proud of the wee hand holes.
I decided to use ribbon for ties to encourage those fine motor skills.
My hand holes were a tad low.

I made sure I wrapped these little things up straight away so I am not tempted to give them to Elizabeth (and Matilda early)

xx N


  1. Love the matching dolly clothes. You are such a clever chicken. I know what you mean about lists- I LOVE my lists :)

    1. I just knew you would be a fellow list writer V, honestly, I would be lost without mine.
      I have a clipboard with everything from the rolling big shop list to medicine chart attached to it.
      Poor Tilly, she has missed out a bit on the toy making experience.
      xx N

  2. cute! And great idea on the list for rotations. I need to do that because I always seem to be sewing for the girl, and not so much for the boy or myself ;)

  3. I always seemed to be sewing for Tilly and never for Jed, this way, everyone gets a turn. I am happy to jump around but this keeps me on track.
    Thank you!
    xx N

  4. I really must give your rota a try. I keep a mental list but it tends to get shuffled and projects forgotten. I really should write things down...

    The doll clothes are lovely!

  5. Cindy, I love my lists. It means everyone gets a turn, even Mummy!
    It also gives the Fab Five a chance to really think about what they would like/need, rather then just sewing up a new pattern because it is cute.
    I think it has saved me money on impulse buys too!

    Thank you, I hope Elizabeth likes her new clothes.
    xx N