Thursday, April 6, 2017

Loveralls for my Loves

Sometimes Instagram can be dangerous to one's budget.
I have dungarees patterns, several vintage ones, several my mother made for me!
However, when I saw the Loveralls on the very talented Ana Sofia's instagram I splurged and purchased it.
Luckily, Lidia just fitted in the sizing, hip wise.
I cut Liddy the size 12 with 6cm added to the hem, straightening out the leg taper.
I forgot to add to the straps but luckily remembered just in time to add in a piece.
I think it works.
For Tildy, I fiddled with the pattern, drafting the size 5 with the length of the size 7 for all the relevant pattern pieces.
I sewed them up in a stretch denim so I used stretch cotton poplin for the lining and pocket bags.
I topstitched throughout with heavy thread.
At Liddy's request, I distressed several areas before sewing the dungarees up. I used glass paper over a timber block.
I added a patch behind the worn hole, in dark denim, again before sewing them up.
The holes will continue to deteriorate as the garment is laundered.
Tildy went with pockets only but Liddy requested the carpenters loop and pocket.
They are really cute!
The slim leg is very modern (all of my patterns have straight to bell bottoms).
They are still nice and roomy, without being baggy, through the bottom.
Lots of great detail but that does add up to a pretty full on sew. I logged them at 12 hours sewing time.
I stuck to the instructions, the only thing I differed was to add extra interfacing to where there were buttons and button holes and I interfaced the left fly front. 
The instructions were very, very good.
The only problem I had (which may have very well been a drafting mistake) was that I trimmed one of the front pieces back, following instructions but that may have been for another view?
Just be aware, for option A, don't trim the front!
*For my next pair I had to trim the front, thus it must have been my mistake*
Any hoo, I just stitched a piece back in and you can't notice it.
I thoroughly enjoyed sewing and thoroughly recommend this pattern.
The girls wore them all last weekend.
I am seriously considering making them each another pair in black coated denim.
~Liddy's Verdict~
When Mummy made these overalls I was very excited and, at first, I visioned two pairs of  more traditional work overalls however when Mummy made them it was quite a surprise and I quickly  fell in love with these gorgeous fashion items . I really like the Carpenter's  addition that mum added with the hammer holder and pencil pocket.
I cannot wait to  wear them out and my new shoes from Witchery fit perfectly with it.
I really hope that mum does decide to make the second pair because I am in love.
~Tildy's Verdict~
I was super excited when Mummy was making them.
 Every night I would after school go in to her sewing room and see how much she had done.
When I first wore them I felt so grown up because Liddy had a pair too!
I love the small pocket inside the bigger main pocket and I can't wait to wear them again.

Well, that makes it all worthwhile.

xx N


  1. I am a huge fan of regular overalls and when I first saw this pattern I wasn't sure about the style. But as usual you have knocked it out of the park! If only they'd look that good on a curvy 40-something haha! Particularly impressed with the distressing with dark backing. Lucky girls.

    1. Jane, i was worried they looked a bit boxy through the middle but Ana Sofia's fit perfectly.
      Zara wants a pair too!

      I 'distressed' a pair of red jeans for Liddy, a few years back and they have been firm favourites.

      Thank you!
      xx N

  2. CUTENESS! Love the girls' feedback here. Such great sewing, the details really shine, Nicole.

    1. Thank you Inder.
      I really like their feedback too. As I tend to finish one project and be straight onto the next there is generally not much more then a 'Thanks Mum'.
      It is nice to hear what they think.
      xx N

  3. Thank you very much Inder.
    xx N

  4. The girls look great in their stylish overalls! They are sure to be wardrobe favorites!

  5. I love overalls so much! These are great!