Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sand Piper on a Summers Day

Cool and Breezy,that sums up this lovely pattern

A little too breezy on my gorgeous Zara.

That won't stop me making them again.
It will be a simple matter to add width to the 'wings' of the capris.

In conclusion,the Sand Piper is the slimmest fitting style of the original patterns. If your child's measurements put them in a 6-make the 6. If you want extra growth-make the 7.

The top will be replacing the Ruffled Halter as my ''go to'' birthday gift.
I am so disappointed that the pants won't fit Elsa and Zara for long but at least Liddy and Tilly are well catered for.

I used a drill and cotton shirting to make the pants.  In hindsight the drill was too heavy-a linen weight or quilters cotton would be perfect.
I think a few linen versions may squeeze their way into the twins summer wardrobe.....and I do have some silk ones planned for Matilda for Christmas!

Thanks for reading
x N


  1. I love the photos! I am sorry that they won't fit for long, but like you say, luckily you have two more to wear them!

  2. Hurrah Millie,its lovely to hear from you!

    Thank you,you are right!
    We always seem to want what we can't have!
    x N

  3. I love the photos too - especially the ones where the back of the top is blown back in the wind!

  4. Thank you,the backs are so beautiful on these patterns!
    x N

  5. Thank you Margaret,but edgey enough to pass the Twins criteria.