Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl

I defy you to find a more beautiful soul than Lidia.
On Monday it was her Birthday.
And she turned 8.

It was a school day so we opened presenst before breakfast.
Liddy being Liddy let Tildy open ALL her gifts.
A pretty to hang from her bedroom ceiling from Hugo.

Then something from Tilda.....
A metal work jewellery hanger.
Then from Mummy....
A new outfit (photo shoot to follow)

The Twins clubbed together and purchased a tub of dolls and assorted girly things from a friend at school who was selling off her ''little girl'' toys.
This has proved a huge hit!

From Daddy,Lidia received a beautiful bike.
Photos to come.

Happy Birthday Darling.


  1. So glad to see that your beautiful girl had a wonderful day! Hugs from Canada :-)

  2. More hugs from Canada.
    How wonderful to be 8 years old. Have a great year Lidia!

  3. How lovely!
    Thank you Susanne&Deb,we are so lucky to have her in our family.

    x N

  4. Sweet things for a sweet girl <3. I have one of those 'true givers' in my family too - an adult now, but still the same nature. Thoroughly deserving of every bit of love that is returned to them.

    As usual I am reading backwards from most recent -> older posts, so I have seen the birthdays in reverse. Lucky little girls to have summer birthdays!

    Your brood look happy and well, and I hope your livestock are OK in the wet we've been having :-(.

  5. Thank you!
    We have had some lovely parties these last few months.

    We are well and quite unaffected by the flooding,our farm is dry and sandy and we never get enough rain-just the opposite,we are running out of feed.

    The flooding in Vic and NSW is just terrible.
    x N