Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Anniversary Darling


Look how young  I was
I was a girl a child a baby
You were my hero my rock 
My everything
And you promised to take care of me.

I wanted that so much
To stop being brave
and confident
and so mature for my age
But I fought you.

I wanted it my way
You wanted it your way
We were both so stubborn
But we wanted each other
and we made it work.

We had our babies
We had our heartbreaks
We made love and laughter and memories and family
We are so different
We are so alike 

and I love you


  1. lovely. Congratulations to you both.

  2. Nicole, Congratulations on your anniversary. May you be blessed with many more.

  3. That's so moving.:) Hope you and your honey had a wonderful anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both. And you look like a movie star.