Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Holiday Finds

Now my Jed is a treasure.
A very hairy treasure but a treasure none the less!
When we arrived in Torquay,the first thing he did was find a playground for the two little girls to have a stretch.
He rugged them up and got them out my hair whilst the Twins and I unpacked.
Photo by Lidia
There he is,my big hairy bear.
And I love him to bits&pieces.
Jed is a big fan of building card houses.
I know,he does not look the sort.
But he has passed this love on to our brood.
Liddy's castle.
Hugo builds some awesome ones.
This kept them busy and happy for the next day. That and Scrabble,in which Elsa insisted on ONLY  using words that were relevant to Smiggle.
Ans she won!
We are a big board game family,I love them and I alway carry cards in my bag. Its usually UNO,so handy to keep them busy if we get stuck somewhere.
Now,while we are off on a tangent,remember the mullet Hugo caught?
Here it is. We had it today and it was yum!
After lunch we set off for a drive and a warehouse Jed had discovered. He wouldn't tell us where.
It was an exporters open to the public.
Oh,Babe,you have done it again!
The most beautiful things you can imagine!
Tildy fell truly madly deeply for this little trike.
Look at the cute graphics.

Zara and Elsa were gobsmacked.
Lid's and Tilly made a friend.
A dolly among dollies.
Mummy Treasure!
And it is pure wool.
Look at the colours!
Kestral Coat methinks.
With velvet covered buttons......Justine,if I send you some fabric?

Check this out,isn't it fabulous?
Those little numbered cards are keys!
Look at the detail on the lock!
I really really wanted this!
And this!
And this for my kitchen!
The Twins went hunting knobs for their bedroom makeover.
Matilda wanted this Japanese shopping mall coin operated ride but I don't think it would fit in our car.
But isn't he CUTE?

We spent over two hours here. It was freezing and we couldn't feel our feet and we didn't care!
Poor Hugo missed it all as he was sleeping in the car. I hope he is better tomorrow-I don't want to cancel my visit with a special new friend.
To defrost,we took a drive around a few docks.
Jed thought this was a 'traffic control' for boats and ships.
Hugo thought it was just a look out.
A ship with what I think is Melbourne in the back ground.
(Please correct me if I am wrong)

We are back at our house,admiring our treasure's,listening to the rain and drinking cocoa by the heater.

Another lovely day!
Thank you Darling xxxx

x N


  1. Oh lucky you on finding these wonderful treasures!! My family would so love to go here and go shopping too. Maybe an over seas vacation for us. ;)

    1. Only Jed would find a place like that AND take us there when he doesn't really enjoy shopping.
      I couldn't feel my feet but I didn't care!
      x N

  2. Oh, I want to go to that shop!! Now! (stamping my foot!!!)

    Of course I can get the buttons done for you - what fabulous fabric!

    1. Justine.the furniture was incredible!
      Thank you,regarding the buttons,Rosie's turned out so well!
      x N

  3. Ooooh my. Such an amazing place!!!!

  4. It was Karen,such fun!
    The owner was gorgeous,she gave all the children a beautiful wooden puzzle to keep.
    I think she was quite taken with Lidia.
    x N

  5. Wow, what an interesting place! So many fabulous treasures. You and your family are truly having a wonderful vacation. Great photos too!
    (I'm getting a chuckle from what you consider 'cold'.)

  6. Thank you Deb.
    It does seem so cold here,even with our boots and layers I guess it is wind chill factor?
    I still prefer it to the heat,days of 44 d+ are not fun.
    I am glad you are enjoying the photo's
    x N

  7. My kind of place! Kudos to Jed for finding it and letting y'all wander to your hearts' content. Hope H is feeling better!

    1. It was a great place Cindy.
      Most of the furniture was just begging to be taken home and used a sewing storage.
      Thanks for asking about Hugo,his sleep seemed to help. He a bit stressed as he doesn't want to miss his footy game this Saturday.

  8. Such a cool shop! And what a great guy! Mine would drop me off, but never stay;)

    1. I am lucky Brittney,he works long hours but he spoils me terribly!
      x N

  9. Holy cow, I could have spent AGES in that shop! Give lovely Jed an extra hug or two (or three)!

  10. I could definitely go back there Susanne.
    Jed was vert happy with his hugs,Thank you very much!
    x N