Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I will survive.

Well,Tilly is officially at kindy.
I was allowed to take a photograph.
And then she gently told me it was time to leave.
Today is her third day.
She was dressed by the time I got up.
Its a great little school,with teachers and SSO's who care about the children.
We have just over 110 students and the technology they have access to is great.
So why can't I stop crying?
xx N


  1. Hugs my friend, she is such a sweet girl and will learn so much. xx

  2. Oh god love you! She looks like she's doing great! Hang in there and know you are doing the very job you were put here to do - build resilient, resourceful, loving, caring and cared for children and send them into the world to learn and grow into independent and capable adults. Even if it does hurt a little when we let go of their strings even a little bit :)

    1. Just thinking if you after reading this. Hope the 4th day is easier for you and I am sure she is loving it.

  3. (((hugs))) I know this has been a rough week for you. Hope next week is a little easier...

  4. Oh, Nicole, you will survive, of course, but there's such a sadness attached to sending them off into the world. Hugs from me too. x Angela

  5. Hang in there Nicole!
    Hope it's better for you today!
    I still miss mine today (love the baby talk, the kisses and warm hugs when they stay with me) but I know it'll help them to grow into independent adults and develop social skills that will be valuable in the future (they all go to the same school - different levels, of course).
    And hopefully, I'll miss them a bit less tomorrow (It's harder for us...).

  6. You are all so lovely to me.
    It has been a very hard week,I should have had plenty to do but I just could not settle.
    She is very happy so it my own selfish feelings here.
    Thank you again,I really appreciate your support.
    xx N

  7. Being a mama is so unfair, isn't it? Hang in there, mama.

  8. Oh Nicole, i have heard that the last is the worst and it seems it is true! I'm farewelling E off to her first day at school tomorrow and have all the same emotions.

  9. Yes,Claire,it is terrible and awful and heart wrenching.
    I miss her so much.
    Good luck for you and Missy E.
    xx N

  10. Hello Nicole . . . it's been a long time! Are you feeling any better? The picture of your children in their school uniforms must make you feel so proud! My twins have started school full time too. They started in November and it was a very strange feeling for quite a while. I'm just getting used to it now, although I haven't sorted out the rhythm of the day yet. Hope you're well. Big english hugs coming your way x
    Robyn x

  11. Hurray Robyn,lovely to hear from you!
    I am missing my little girl.
    xx N