Friday, May 8, 2015

Gifts and Stuff.

If you read my blog now and then,
you will know I sew to a rota.
Everyone gets their turn.
It works so well I put 'gift' on the list.
For those things that crop up.
Like a Little Things to Sew cape to be worn as an ANZAC nurses costume.
I sewed the large and omitted the hand holes.
Elsa kindly offered up some of her textured red wool on the proviso she could have it afterwards AND if she could choose the lining.
Thus, the very un-matronly purple duchess satin interior.
I used an extra large sew in popper to close it.
I also made some simple capes for the other nurses. This time in red drill with bemsilk lining.
Tilly's little friend Jasmine was having a birthday sleepover and new pyjamas were requested.
As usual I used the Oliver+S Bedtime Story pattern and as usual I used cotton webbing for the inside ties.
The fabric is a quilting cotton I had in my stash.
It is from the Victorian and Albert Museum collection and although very pretty it was printed off grain so really only suitable for sleepwear.
An over due project for Tildy's teacher was a request for 27 draw string bags to store skipping ropes.
Mind. Numbing. Boredom.
Quickly moving on to something more exciting.
Last year, my gorgeous sewing gal-pal Cindy designed and sewed a swimsuit for Matilda.
Cindy refused payment but suggested that I may like sew a dress for one of her sweet girls.
She suggested the Garden Party, bright colours and then let me go.
I had so much fun making this dress and sewed it in a evening.
I have made it previously for Matilda, I have a full tutorial if you would like a peep.
Some hot pink linen/cotton was just the right vibrancy with the neon orange piping my other lovely friend Britters.
  I found some bright orange guipure daisies in the lace box, just the thing to girlify.
Made in Australia.
With lots and lots of love!

Next up.
Trixie's turn.

xx N


  1. All of these things are gorgeous! Love the cape. And Cindy's girl who get's that dress is one lucky kid! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you Kristin. I have used the cape a few time now.It actually looks stunning on Elsa, not kiddy at all!
      We are putting in a pool so I was waiting for that to showcase Cindy's swimsuit. It is stunning, I cried when I opened it.
      xx N

  2. So many lovely things!
    The Garden Party dress looks beautiful in a solid, it really highlights those gathers. I have used a cotton/linen mix for a couple of my children's dresses and it is a perfect weight (and creases less!).

    1. It is a great fabric Katy, more crease resistant then linen and it softens up nicely when washed.
      Thank you, it is nice to tidy up some sewing jobs.
      xx N

  3. We can't wait for the dress to arrive! Thanks again, Nicole.:)

    I really need to embrace your rota concept. I feel like I'm always behind on my sewing and having a firm plan in place would help keep me on task. Or at least I hope it would!

    1. Oh no Cindy, I had hoped it may be there by now. I really hope she likes it and please let me know who it fits as I have some fabric ear marked for another.

      The rota works well for me, I am so tired and get easily muddled, the rota keeps me on track.
      xx N

  4. You're a legend!

  5. Wow that's a lot of lovely, generous sewing. Hats off to you!

  6. Thank you Shelley, you are kind!
    xx N