Friday, May 22, 2015

OOP Simplicity 5941 Coat for Lidia

Sweet Liddy's turn.
First, a new coat.
I will admit I was a little nervous tackling this one. One page didn't seem a lot of instructions for a fully lined coat.
But I got there.
I learned some great new techniques (well, new to me).
The under collar is cut in two pieces on the bias, and then the interfacing is cut the same. After that is applied, another shaped piece of interfacing is cut on the grain and ironed to the neck roll area.
The under collar is sewn to the coat, the upper collar to the facing and then after much trimming, clipping and pressing they are sewn together.
Then the lining is sewn to the facing edge.
It all resulted in a beautiful finish.
I used some herringbone weave wool and some deep brown cotton velvet for the collar.
I had just enough lining left from Hugo's Goldstream jacket.
It is a medium weight satin, quite luxurious for a lining, but it gives body and feels ever so nice on.
I even added a secret pocket, like Hugo's. Fully lined.
The chest pockets are also fully lined.
The buttons are enamelled shell and just lush!
Liddy wanted red ones sewn with blue thread. Zara tried to talk her into brown leather knotted ones, but Lid's was adamant.
I think she made a good choice.
Size 12 with room for growth.
So much hand sewing on this little number.
Hand sewn hems.
Thread chains on each seam.
Basting, basting and more basting.
Worth it?
Absolutely dutely!
What else?
A dress.
The Oliver+S Carousel dress.
Sewn up in sand coloured cotton stretch velvet/un-cut cord (not sure which).
Size 12 with a few inches length added to the hem and a solid 9'' to the sleeves.
Lidia requested red top stitching.
I like it!
I think the funny dart thing going on was due to the stretch content of the fabric. It doesn't fuss Liddy so I let it be.
I really like the a-line effect. 
The keyhole opening is so pretty. I used some Kokka scraps for a touch of pretty, millenary elastic for a loop and another of those fabulous buttons.
Perfect for Winter.
I think it will layer well over a long sleeve tee.
Such a great play dress.
Did we mention the pockets?

That is Lidia set for our holiday.

xx N


  1. Truly beautiful set! The colors on the coat- the main, the collar and the buttons with their blue thread- are divine. :)

  2. Aww, thank you Emily!
    I really really like the blouse version you made, that was a great photo of your three kiddy winks.
    xx N

  3. Two works of art.
    The coat is absolutely stunning. Interesting collar construction.
    Lovely wintery fabric for the dress and the red topstitching is the perfect accent.

  4. Wow Deb, thank you.
    I really enjoyed sewing that coat but I logged a solid 16 hours on the machine, working on it. I really like the 'roll' of this collar, it sits so well, I think I may be a convert.

    When Liddy chose the velvet I suggested a patterned front or pockets but she was adamant. She is as sweet as can be but knows her mind.
    xx N

  5. gorgeous. Your craftsmanship really shines on the coat, and the dress is so nice on her!

  6. Ahhh Masha, you gorgeous new Mummy, I hope you are well!
    Thank you, I made myself stop sewing when I was tempted to rush. It was a big job though.
    xx N

  7. The coat is so well elaborated, but I love especially the dress!
    Have a nice weekend with your family, SaSa

    1. Thank you SaSa, I do love the shape of this dress, I think it works well in the plain colour.
      xx N

  8. Wow, that's an amazing bespoke coat. Well done. Just imagining that collar construction is daunting enough. Love the red topstitching on the carousel dress.
    Gorgeous winter clothes.

  9. Thank you Shelley, with being at school, she doesn't need as many outfits, just a few pieces that work.
    xx N

  10. Simply gorgeous. I'm always especially impressed with your coats... and the number of times you have gone to that much effort. Inspiring.

  11. Thank you Jane, I really like sewing coats (which is good). They are a good way to learn new techniques. A wearable sewing lesson.
    xx N

  12. Gorgeous! Both the coat and the dress. Her choice of red buttons was excellent, gives it just the right pop. :)

  13. Thank you Kristin, she did well.
    I hope you are feeling better?
    xx N