Sunday, January 10, 2016

Gifts and Such

I don't sew many gifts anymore.
Not enough time.
But I do make exceptions.
 Tilly had a birthday invite and badly wanted me to sew something for the wee host.
Luckily, I had a Music Class blouse cut and not sewn for Liddy that fitted the Kardashian' look as per request.
The fabric is a very sheer voile with a delicate gold foil finish.
I went with the pin-tucked, Mandarin collar view.
And MoP buttons, of course.
This wee puppy dog bag (and its precious contents) has visited me before
My lovely Health Sister, Jane, had a sister who tragically died from breast cancer leaving three young daughters.
Jane had the lovely idea to make her nieces keepsakes from their mothers wedding dress scraps when each of them was wed.
She was keen for a jewellery roll and when I mentioned this in the O+S forum this pattern was suggested.
Just the job!
Craft is not my thing.
But Jane was happy and that is all that matters.

I hope the bride has a lovely day.

xx N


  1. Superb as always Nicole... lucky recipients!

  2. Thank you Jane!
    I am so not crafty but my Health Sister has been amazing to me over the years, I could not say no.
    xx N

  3. Thank you Colette.
    I bet I get just as stressed when the next daughter get married ;)
    xx N

  4. For someone who is not crafty, you sewed a really beautiful little jewelry roll there! And from a wedding dress, too, that's a "high pressure" gift in some ways! Well done!

  5. Thank you Inder.
    Definitely a high pressure sew, such precious scraps.
    xx N

  6. I was wondering about the jewlerry keeper. It looks terrific and I hope it was worth the sew.

  7. Terribly sad that they lost their mother, but what a beautiful way to honor her and keep her alive in their thoughts :D