Thursday, January 28, 2016

You Can't Win 'em All.

Sewing for teenagers is tricky.
 Sewing for Elsa is always hard.
Out of all my children, I have the most sewing fails with her. We are both trying hard to keep communication open and work together.

She is always polite, it just doesn't get worn.
I have been there.

After a few sewing no-wears I tend to only sew things Zara will wear as a default.

But this backfired this time.

It wasn't the Twins turn but was their 16th birthday so they got to choose a piece to have sewn.
Elsa wanted this pattern. 
The peplum top, to be made in a shifty fine silk charmeuse.
She requested the peplum so to be higher waisted so I used the petite lines to shorten the body length.
Her measurements didn't really work with the sizes.......
So, I made a muslin.
I use calico to make muslins and put my seams on the out side for easier alteration.
I was pretty happy with the fit.
Elsa wanted it tighter.
Like this!
Which looked great but I had doubts about a flimsy satin.
We discussed it, I made suggestions, she considered them but we were really not getting any where.
Then Zara offered up her black neoprene.
Win, it looked amazing, sewed up like a dream, was perfect.
No, she doesn't like it.
I was gutted but to be fair, it wasn't what she really wanted.
Zara quite likes it, so she may wear it.....
I think it looks beautiful.
Oh well.

The nitty gritty kitty.

I like this pattern, it went together well and had good instructions. It was a nice sew and the neoprene made up nicely. I did use an invisible zipper instead of a regular but otherwise stuck pretty much to the pattern.

I would happily make this again, if anyone wants it, Le sigh.....

xx N


  1. That's too bad :( I know how it feels to love something you made only to have the wearer not feel like wearing it. It is quite gorgeous. Maybe she will change her mind seeing it look so good on her sister? :)

    1. I was so upset, especially as it was for her Birthday Kristin, but what can you do?
      Zara wore it for our family photos and it has not been put out for St Vinnies so it may get worn...
      Thank you!
      xx N

  2. Ha, this is where I've been with sewing for Andy! Really your success rate seems amazing and I think you were absolutely right to steer away from the fine silk for a top that fitted. The black looks great. I hope it sees the light of day a few times!

    1. Thank you Jane.
      This is why rota sewing works better for me, by the time it is their turn they have well and truly made up their minds (I hope)!
      I really don't think the silk would have worked at all, not fitted and not at a shorter length. It would have looked like a Nana top.
      It looks super cute with faded jeans and Converse so here's hoping.
      xx N

  3. And that's why I've pretty much given up on sewing for my The top turned out great!

    1. Your sewing is awesome Cindy, I bet K lives in that Moto.
      Thank you!
      xx N

  4. "I would happily make this again if anyone wants it..." Pick me, pick me! Lol. It's a grand top. 😉

    1. Thank you Renae.
      So far, she loves her new blazer, so fingers crossed.

      Jokes aside, I am happy that she can be honest with me, as hard as it is to hear, I much prefer that.
      xx N

  5. What a shame! But it does look great! And a good sign that it isn't in the St Vinnies pile.