Monday, February 1, 2016

Bye Bye O+S

The last of the little girl sewing.
Lidia, Matilda and Beatrix's turn on the sewing rota.
Bye bye O+S.
Hello Lekala.
But one last show&tell.
An Oliver+S Croquet dress.
I have made both styles before.
I have a step-by-step tute for view A and view B.
This time as a sneaky school uniform.
Lidia's measurements put her in a 12 and that is what I sewed.
I added a cotton webbing badge holder.
And a sneaky Liberty facing.
As it is a school uniform and very hand-me-downable I added a large 6 inch hem.
I also used an elastic loop instead of a thread one, mine always break.
MoP button, of course.
I really really hope this dress makes it under the radar. It looks so nice and quite suitable for a school uniform.
~Lidia's Verdict~
I think my new uniform is beautiful. I love that the collar is decorative. The sash is cute.
I had some comments from girls (at school) that they like it but no one has told me I can't wear it (yet).
If I had another made as a uniform I would prefer the elastic at my waist rather then my hips.
I like it a lot more then my old school uniforms (Butterick basic uniform pattern)
I really like that Mum used my signature Liberty as a facing and a special button.

xx Nicole 


  1. Hopefully this dress will fly under the radar. It looks really nice on you Lidia.

  2. So far so good Deb.
    Fingers crossed.
    xx N

  3. Oh goodness! What a sweetheart!

  4. Do you mean to say school dares to dictate that you cannot sew sneaky uniforms? I am truly aghast! Here's hoping they don't notice and it gets through.

  5. I love reading her comments at the end :) She's so sweet. Great uniform under the radar! I agree, the details are perfect!

    1. Thank you Kristin, it is a great way to get an honest opinion.
      I told her she could say whatever she wanted and I would't change it.
      xx N

  6. Hi Nicole! Do you post your finished sewing in Instagram as well? I sent you a "follow" request but never heard back. I rarely go out to blog land much and would love to follow your makes there!! (I'm @Ohhowsweetco on IG)

  7. She looks great! I hope it continues to fly under radar!