Thursday, February 25, 2016

Vintage Vibe

Next on the #sewingrota
A flippy, floaty Summer dress.
With this pattern,
Which I have made before
 This time we went with the mini view.
The fabric is the same as her shorts.
A flowy, soft crepe-like stuff.
I sewed two bias strips for the drawstring tie, a look I have seen popping up in trendy boutiques.
I took up quite a deep hem for better fall and even took the time to hand sew it.
The fabric was surprisingly hard to pierce, thank you Sarvi for my posh sewing needles.
I love it on her!
Elsa is small busted enough not to need a bra but that is not going to happen.
Apparently nipples are disgusting.
Visible underwear however is almost de rigueur for teens.
I don't mind one way or the other.
It has already had an airing and was complimented on in her favourite boutique.
I will take that as a success.
~Elsa's Verdict~
It makes me look like a size 4 (tiny) I think the back looks very  attractive and I am glad we finally used the fabric.
Thank you for reading!
xx Nicole


  1. How beautiful, Nicole! And I love Elsa's verdict! Also - Trixie and the cat <3<3

  2. Thank you Rachel.
    The 'verdict's been so useful as a method of getting honest feedback, not just polite 'Thank you Mummy'.
    Coco is a magnificent beast and Trixie is just so squishy.
    xx N

  3. I love the verdict too, and your know-how about the teen underwear rules!

  4. Thank you Catherine.
    Elsa is a girl of few words~especially when asked to describe her new outfits.
    As for the underwear, at least she is wearing it.
    xx N

  5. I love how you take patterns that look like they would be dated, yet you sew them so beautiful and they look totally modern :D Your fabric here is gorgeous and I laughed so hard at the nipples comment. She could wear pasties with it. Do you guys have those?
    Anyway, she looks amazing in this!

  6. Thank you Kristin.
    I have a huge stash of vintage patterns and they are great for the twins as the sing suits their figures really well!
    It is so funny about nipples, I suggested bandaids but that was met with even more disgust!
    xx N

    1. hahahahaha. Bandaids!! I would have loved seeing that reaction :) It's so funny how little things are such a big deal when young.

  7. Do you guys have those little round bandaids? It then started a conversation that I would need about six.... and then she left the room.

    1. Lol!! There was really nowhere else for her to go was there? Haha.
      Great work.

    2. Thank you Renae, she was a bit lost for words.
      xx N