Friday, March 4, 2016

Surfie Chick

We interrupt our regular transmission for a quick detour.
A lovely detour.
Zara had a surf camp and needed a few easy-to-wear basics.
The Liesl+Co Bento tee and the PurlSoho City Gym shorts
First outfit, I made the tee in a gorgeous, drapey cotton-modal I picked up in Melbourne.
The same stuff I made my Hudsons in.
It is not the easiest to sew but, my goodness, it is easy to wear.
The shorts are a linen/poly mix in khaki.
Such a nice fit.
Outfit #2
This time we went with a fine cotton/lycra  for the top, not as draping but nevertheless very smart.
In the same soft denim as I used last time.
I find by stitching labelling tape over the back neck seam it give the very thin band some substance and looks a little more professional.
The thin neck band is a pain to sew but looks so good!

I really like the Bento tee.
The shaped cuff sits so nicely as it is a wee bit narrower under the arm.
Just one of those clever little Liesl details.
~Zara's Verdict~
Both the t-shirt and short pattern are extremely comfortable and flattering. The material for both of the t-shirts is amazing. Love the khaki green short colour. Its is really fashionable at the moment for girls of my age. 

Isn't she lovely?

Thank you for reading.

xx Nicole 


  1. I want to go to surf camp! The outfits are lovely. I really like the labeling tape over the back seam. Seems like it would be less fiddly than using folded self-fabric to cover that seam.

  2. Masha, she has so much fun and is hooked!
    Five hours surfing and then 4 hours study and revision a day, she was shattered but so happy.
    PE is a full on subject now, encompassing nutrition, biology and even touching on mental health.
    Zara wants to be a Early Child teacher focusing on Special Needs so needed PE. It happens that the group teacher surf, bonus!

  3. I recently found your blog via the Oliver&S forums and I am in awe of all the lovely clothes you make. It's inspiring!
    Knitting is my first love, but all the enthusiastic sew-ers online (such as yourself) and all the pitfalls of the fashion/clothing industry have inspired me to make more things for myself and my children. I'm up to at least a dozen t-shirts (Made by Rae flashback tee pattern) for my kids and I think I need to expand my horizons a bit!
    Anyway, just wanted to comment and say thanks for all the inspiration. Happy making!

    1. Wow, thank you Suze!
      I am rather envious that you knit, I adore knitted things and I must persevere with teaching myself.
      I don't do them anymore (not interest and they are a lot of work) but I did do step by step tutes on some of the O+S patterns. I am always happy to answer questions and will get yours pretty promptly if you comment on my blog. (I cannot access the O+S forum since they updated it)

      Thank you for your lovely thoughtful comment. It is so nice to meet you!
      xx N

  4. Very practical and easy to wear! I would have to agree for surf camp. I wanted to use this shorts pattern for Imogen's outdoor ed camp but there was strict specification on length and in the end it came down to lack of time over everything. Nevertheless I think this look is something all teens seem to wear right from the earliest. It's nice to have well made casual clothes.

  5. Perfect Nicole, and she's rockin' the surfie chick hair too.

  6. Thank you Shelley, she had it 'ballyaged' before she went to look the part but she LOVED surfing and she and Hugo are making plans to hire boards the next time we head up to Robe.
    xx N

  7. She is so lovely :) Your girls are so fun! These outfits look great for summer fun. I think that neckline treatment is fantastic! I hate sewing with rayon jerseys but love how they wear and feel; I guess that is why I continue to suffer through sewing them! I'm going to go check out that shirt now!

    1. Thank you Kristin, she is such a lovely young woman. Very smart and very kind.
      The fabric is a pain to sew, I have likened it to 'sewing snot' but the drape is out of this world. Zara wore my black Hudsons, to a party, with heels. They looked so cute!
      xx N