Sunday, April 8, 2018

Jedediah Jeans for Jed 2018

Six days a week (often seven) Jed wears work gear.

Work gear is usually good clothes that have been well worn and patched.
I am a #patchingninja. 
This time, how ever, his last two pairs of jeans were still in good nick but all his work clothes were stuffed.
So rather than sew work trousers (which would be stiff and uncomfortable for the first few wears) I passed his good ones down to work ones and made him some new 'good' ones.
My go to pattern for Jed?
The Jedediah trousers
Not actually a jeans pattern but they look pretty 'jean-ey'
Especially in heavy, rigid denim ($6/m from Eliza's of Sunshine) with heavy weight top stitching thread.
My existing pattern was already altered for Jed's short legs
 The pocket stitching template is supplied with the pattern.
After my disastrous Liberty lawn pocket experience (they went to hole in weeks and required removing and replacing, no, I don't want to talk about it, thank you) I used a silky but strong cotton poplin from Eliza's of Sunshine left over from Zara's Christmas dress #scrapbusting and French seamed the pocket bags for extra strength.
The finished product.
Gnome sewing at its finest.
Comfortable, sturdy, well fitting jeans for my whiskery fellow.
~Jed's Verdict~
Perfectly tailored gnome trousers for my short arse stature.
Very comfortable.
To the point!

I am really pleased with this pattern. It is, physically a hard sew, with the heavy cloth and copious top stitching but considering what his favourite jeans cost and the last pairs did NOT last it is a workout I am willing to do.

I cannot recommend this pattern enough. From the sturdy pocket facings to the 'steam and ease' directions for the leg side seams.

Thanks for reading...
xx Nicole 


  1. They look great and fit well too. Well done you

  2. Enjoyed Jed's verdict :) Jeans look awesome.

  3. 'Tis a fellow sort of leg and sentence structure...
    Thank you Deb.
    xx N

  4. You awe me with all your jeans sewing. Now that the weather is cooling down a bit I will need to start looking at trousers again......

  5. Love Jed's verdict! I have a short arse stature as well!

  6. There is so much work that goes into such professional and hardy jeans I take my hat off to you! I can appreciate the quality of the denim as I bought 3 m of a "heavy, rigid denim" from Eliza's recently (the same stuff?) to make gingers/vado (as previously discussed with you!) but I sewed one ankle length and one midi denim skirt for winter instead! Need to buy some more! It's fantastic stuff. I'm embracing (but not loving) the raw hem trend on the skirts.. .see how long that lasts before I hem them! - Amelia

    1. Thank you!
      Isn't their fabric great? I love the denim selection.
      I hope you get to sew your jeans this winter, Amelia, please let me know if I can be any help.
      I love the look of the raw hem, not sure I could carry it off but I am considering sewing one for Lidia.
      xx N
      PS Happy to chat on the phone if that is easier.

    2. Thank you so much Nicole, that is very kind of you. As I'm in my first trimester with baby #3 I don't think I'll be making jeans anytime soon! I'm turning to the maternity/breastfeeding patterns at the moment!! :-D The raw hem continues to be a pain - needing trimming after every wash - but at this stage trimming my clothes is less work than hemming, so my laziness trumps!

  7. What you get your fit sorted it is awesome!
    Thank you!
    xx N

  8. I wonder...if you could tell about your ninja cutting skills and how you get so much out of your fabric yardage! Maybe? Hopefully?

  9. What a lovely question!
    In a nut shell, I have several go to patterns for the younger ones that cut well with adult patterns.
    I know I can jiggle a 2+2 blouse (by O+S) with a shirt for Hugo from 2 m of Liberty IF I cut them at the same time. If I can't the shirt for Hugo first the leftover fabric may not be quite right for the same blouse, later on.

    By cutting multiple garments at once, I can jiggle them.
    Thank you for asking
    xx N