Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Liberty Liquorice~ McCalls 2353 OOP

Zara had her first work placement and requested a new outfit.
Something snappy but fun, elegant but easy to move in.
I suggested a Liberty blouse and spread the ones I had out for her to  look at (by FaceTime) she replied she liked ALL the Capels and may she have a patchwork one?
The pattern is McCalls 2353, OOP but still readily available on eBay.
This was my go-to pattern in my 20-30's when I still had a small waist.
I have made it several times before and Zara had them in town to try so I knew it would fit.
Zara chose the placement of the colours.
I wouldn't have mixed the two pinks together but when you are 18 and fabulous, why not?
The colours don't work but they do.
# Size 8 with a cm trimmed from the body shoulders tapered down to the front and back sleeve notches. 
# A cm trimmed from the sleeve cap.
#Added 2 cm to the hip tapering up to the waist for bottom ease.
# Narrowed the seam from the elbow down due to lack of fabric, one wrist pleat instead of two.
# Added two inches to the hem, front and back.
# Added a 2 cm back vent for ease.
# Swopped self facing to a double fold front band no interfacing in band.
# Sewed the sleeve cap with a 4/8ths seam for extra ease.
# Sewed the sleeve seam with 4/8ths seam due to lack of fabric.
# Sewed the rest of the shirt with 5/8ths seam.
Forgot (but should have) clipped the underarm seam before neatening for extra movement.
The skirt is Lekala #4335
I ordered the pattern purely on her measurements and finished it up to the side seams, so I could fit it on the weekend, when she came home.
It fitted perfectly!
Zara has a tiny waist so there was a lot or ease to try and sew in between the skirt and the yoke but it worked.
It is a very cute skirt and she is getting a lot of wear from it.
The only changes I made was to add belt loops.
~Zara's Verdict~
When I found out that I had my first work placement at a school, for my teaching degree at Uni, one of my first thoughts was what was I going to wear.
This lead to mum and I excitedly exchanging text messages with ideas of colours and patterns that could work.
A Liberty shirt and black skirt was the end result.
It was exactly what I pictured.
This is my first Liberty shirt and I am absolutely in love with it!
The quality is amazing and the fit is perfect. The Lekala skirt is even better than I could imagine. I'm utterly obsessed with it, it's so versatile. I can wear a shirt, t-shirt or jumper with it and it looks amazing.
Once again, thank you Mum Xxx.

Thank you Zara, that was lovely, miss you!

Thank you for reading xx Nicole


  1. Great outfit! I hope the placement went well!

    1. Thank you Jane.
      It did, it was quite confronting as it was a school for children with quite specialised needs but Zara really appreciated the challenge
      xx N

  2. Such a fun shirt - great for teaching ;o)

    1. Thank you!
      Zara was very pleased, the Head commented on the Liberty ;)
      xx N

  3. This is so beautiful and how fun for your daughter's work placement. Can I ask where you buy your liberty fabrics from? Do you have a favourite retailer online?

    1. Hi Corinna, thank you for your lovely comment and my apology for the delay in replying.
      I purchase a lot of my Liberty from the UK, on Ebay. fellabird and cushinumbers are two I have used.
      The Drapery, in Adelaide also have a nice selection.