Thursday, November 15, 2018

Lekala Vest #6063 for Hugo and FreePatterns Wahid that wasn't

Hugo asked me to make him a vest for his Med Ball. The theme was Carnivale and he was after a plain woollen vest to wear over his Liberty shirt
His first choice was a scrap of dark charcoal wool coating leftover from his Goldstream Peacoat
And Zara's Lisette Moto jacket
We were both keen to try the Wahid waistcoat by the very talented Joost De Cock.
Similar to Lekala, you put in your measurements and print off a PDF pattern.
The patterns are free but you can 'buy a coffee' for Joost, if you wish.
So I printed, glued, cut and starting sewing the vest. The instructions were great and the welt pockets went in like a dream.
And then I got Hugo to try it on...
I must have measured incorrectly (there are a lot of measurements)
It was not going to fit and there was nothing I could do.
Back to the drawing board with Lekala #6063
But I had one working day to print, glue, cut and sew with no fittings, Hugo was working off farm.
I had to use what I had to hand so went with the charcoal wool coating left over from Hugo's Spandau Ballet tribute coat
Zara's Lekala Cocoon coat
And Tilly's vintage cape
I lined it with a satin backed crepe remnant from Eliza Fabrics.
It had some stretch and I much prefer a heavier lining fabric.
I also sewed a natty Liberty patch, just for fun.
I interfaced all the pieces, main and lining with Sheerweft interfacing for extra structure.
The buttons are black, enamelled shell.
Due to time constraints I only made one welt pocket and it was not my best work. I accidentally reversed the pocket bags so the satin and wool were around the wrong way but, it happens.
The waistcoat ties at the back but I may offer to sew a buckle to remove bulk.
I think it looked fabulous over his Carnivale Liberty shirt.
I bagged the lining and then pulled the waistcoat through to the right side. After a good pressing I sewed the main shoulder seams together, pressed the seam open and then hand sewed the lining.
The garment is top stitched. 
The deep arm holes show off the fabrics.
He says he is wearing it regularly to Uni.
The fit is pretty good considering I had to no chance to try it on him whilst sewing.
I can't show you a photo of hm wearing it to the Med Ball as evidently it didn't fit under his suit.

~Hugo's Verdict~
I do so love wearing waistcoats.
I like how they make an outfit a bit smarter and how they keep you that little bit warmer.
I had grown out of my original waistcoat but luckily for me Mum was able to sew me up a new one, tailored for me, which suited me even better.
Sewn in a beautiful grey wool the waistcoat has kept my torso warm and paired rather well with all my floral shirts.
It has been perfect for Uni when the weather wasn't quite cool enough for a coat or jumper.
The silky lining is smooth and allow wearing ease and movement.
I thoroughly love this waistcoat for its style and functionality and hope I will be able to have more sewn in the future.

~My Verdict~
Lekala saved the day (although it needn't have bothered as he didn't wear it #mebitternever )
I have not given up on the Wahid waistcoat, I will try and save my partially made one as it has two perfect pockets and all the lining and main are interfaced.
Possibly use the Lekala pattern to re-cut it? Have a narrower front? I will see.
For me, it was a good lesson in not being *too* available. I neglected Trixie and worked my tail off to get this made in time, its hard not to take it personally when it doesn't get worn for the special occasion.
When you sew for someone it *is* personal.
No, you cannot make someone want to wear something but you are entitled to feel a bit miffed when they don't.
I look forward to sewing this pattern again, in a more relaxed fashion.

Ah well, these things are sent to try us.

Thanks for reading ... xx N


  1. I'm not sure if you know this, but on the draft page on freesewing, there is a comparison tab where you can see how your draft stacks up against a series of standard sizes.

    If there's any big problems with the measurements, it should show up as your draft will deviate from what's expected.

    There's also the option to draft a paperless version, which will include measurements of all pattern pieces, allowing you to double-check a thing or two before cutting into your fabric.

    I understand it's a bit late for all this now, and I'm sorry it didn't work out for you.

    1. That is really good to know Joost.
      Hugo much preferred the cut of the Wahid, he liked the higher arms and I liked your instructions more.
      I will have another look, i can sew moderately well but pattern drafting/making is not my thing.
      Thank you for your helpful comment.
      xx N

  2. DIDN'T FIT UNDER HIS SUIT? What kind of bogus excuse is that? Indeed!

    LOL, love this vest, obviously Hugo loves it too and looks great in it, it could've been worse, mama! At least he is old enough now to express appreciation for your work.

    1. Thank's Inder.
      It does look great on him but I was mighty cheesed off as it was sewn under the pump and he didn't tell me, his sister accidentally let it slip and then SHE felt terrible. Honesty, guys!
      I have made many, many outfits not worn, we all have done that with our children.
      xx N