Saturday, March 28, 2020

Kwiksew 1235 Jumper and Mini Hudson Pants for Beatrix

I used to hate sewing sportswear but now, I don't mind it so much.
Especially when there are such cute patterns available.
Case in point.
The adorable Mini Hudsons 
Trixie has grown out of her last PE kit
Hatteras hoodie and Mini Hudson pants.
Time to sew a new set.
Made to match her new sneakers.
Stenciled with my Plaid Stencil paints 
I can't deny it, those shoulder ruffles won my heart.
I was given this pattern in a box of sewing supplies (those that read regularly will know I am often given boxes of goodies)
It is discontinued and I have had trouble finding it online, it may be rare now.
It is not oversized, I made Trixie the six and it fits but with not a lot of growth room.
The green, un-brushed, cotton fleece, 3/m, was from Eliza Fabrics in Sunshine. It was extremely wide and I couldn't see any flaws when cutting it. 
The marled ribbing was a lucky find in Spotlight, it was a remnant and proved a good match.
From three metres of the main fabric, I was able to cut a track suit for Lidia (to be blogged) the Kwiksew jumper, two pairs of Hudson's and a LTTS bear hood (which was scrapped together when Trixie was disappointed not to have a hood on her outfit)
I really like Hudson pants in all their forms.
Mini's, Mens and Womens.
I sew mine a  little differently.
I like to top-stitch my pocket bags (I also like to use a t-shirt fabric for the inner bag to reduce bulk)
I also make a far simpler waistband.
I stitch the centre back (of the waistband) leaving a gap for the elastic to thread through.
I then fold and press the waistband in half, wrong sides together and baste and neaten that edge.
I then sew the waistband to the pant top, sew, neaten and press the seam down.
I topstitch the seam, stopping and starting at the bulky pocket seam.
After threading the elastic through, I check the fit and then secure it.
The waist tie is faux, a shoe lace!
~My Verdict~
I adore this jumper pattern. Oh, the sleeves!
I want to make all the styles, I think I shall make them as t-shirts, how adorable would they look under dungarees and pinafores?
The pattern is definitely on the slim side so I may only have another year of sewing it.
The Mini Hudson pants are lovely. They are a favourite sew and all my family members have several pairs (of Hudson's) each.
~Trixie's Verdict~
So, I like the shoes, I like the writing on the jumper, I do like the colour, it's green.
I like cuffs (shoulder ruffles) 
The rainbow writing is my favourite bit.
I was sad it didn't have a hood but Mummy made me one.
It will be good for sport.
It has pockets, that is a good thing.
 I did sew these with our Victorian Holiday in mind, I am not sure we will go now but intend to keep sewing as if we were.

I hope everyone is keeping safe, I am consciously aware of what a fortunate position my family is in. We have plenty of space, access to meat and eggs and my girls are proving to be excellent self motivators at their schooling.
I realise others may not be so fortunate and I have great empathy for those struggling.

Please practice self care and remember, ALL out children will be missing school, they will ALL have to catch up.
Staying healthy, mentally and physically is of far greater importance.
Thank you for reading.... xx N



  1. Lovely set. Pity about the holiday. I hope you get to go some time as you have such interesting holidays!

    1. Thank you Margaret, I appreciate that comment. I try and make our holidays interesting and fun for everyone (Dad and Mum included)
      Tildy was chatting to me yesterday about the Wool Museum in Geelong, she was only 2 and a bit so I am surprised she remembered. She is adamant she did and asked if that was when we went on the carousel?

      That made me so happy.

      Keep safe and thank you for reading.

      xx N

  2. Lovely!! The video is so cute, she is WORKIN it! We are all at home, safe, only going out for groceries. These are strange days.

    1. Thank you!
      She isn't always so keen for photos so we try and make it fun. Who wants to stop playing to put different clothes on? Not Trixie.

      They are strange, I used to feel out girls were disadvantaged living out here, I am pretty happy about it at present.
      Stay safe and thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it.
      xx N

  3. That gorgeous colour, the ruffles and stencils really make this suit special. Your girl is a great model and looks very pleased. I hope your children can find lots of fun things to do around home. It feels a bit like the 'olden days' when we were kids and had to find things to amuse ourselves in the long holidays. Stay well and safe 🌹

    1. Thank you so much Karen.
      We are very fortunate to have a lot to do and the girls 'bounce' off each other well.
      We have reinstated out long tramp every evening so every one is sleeping well too!
      Keep well!
      xx N