Thursday, July 2, 2020

OOP Simplicity 5838 Dressing Gown for Beatrix

This is a complete love sew.
I.E. you would only sew it for someone you loved very, very much.
Beatrix was desperate for a dressing gown but she had very definite needs.
A hood was mandatory.
Pockets, (of course)!
A tie.
Absolutely no buttons.
But the kicker was.....
Oh yes, it was that bad.

It was thick, it was fluffy, it was impossible to pin the pattern too.
It snagged on my dry hands and it gave me electric shocks if I moved it too quickly.
I had to cut each piece right before I was sewing it.
Sewing the darts was a leap in faith that I sort of got them in the right position.
I think I may have sewn the sleeves in back to front but who can tell?
Who actually cares?
Not me, I was not unpicking this devil fabric.
The pattern was the only redeeming thing with this sew.
I do like a raglan sleeve, it give such a nice fit and good arm movement. A regular set in sleeve can feel restrictive.
My pattern was a size 4 but it was plenty roomy enough for Trixe although she measures a size 5.
(And, of course, Trixie's delight with it)
She absolutely loves it!
Tilly has been asking me to make some pods for her guinea pigs, so while my machine was full of pink fluff, I decided to sew some up.
I found a tutorial here and it was so helpful.

I didn't have any normal wadding but I was given a metre of thermal wadding (for making lunch bags, I think) so I used that.
It certainly adds to the coziness factor.
When I put it down the piggy ran straight in and snuggled up.
Tilly was best pleased.
And so was the guinea pig.
~My Verdict~
Horrible, awful fabric but a lovely pattern.
It wasn't a pleasant sew but it was quite quick. I basted the seams together and then ran them through the overlocker very carefully as I was nervous that I break a needle or clog up the feed dogs.
I self lined the hood so it was extra snuggly and that is neatly caught between the main and the facing.
I top stitched the facing down and edge stitched the front edge.
I also added belt loops to the sides.
Finally, I added the smallest Liberty swatch, just for me!
~Trixie's Verdict~
I love the fluff of it.
I love how it has a hoodie, because it's fluffy.
It feels really nice inside, because it is nice and warm.
I love the pockets, they have fluff in the them.
I love the colour, I love the fluff, I love the FLUFF!

~Tilly's Verdict~
The guinea pigs absolutely love it, Mum made a second one but they often snuggle up together in the same one.
They wrap up so quickly, due to the thermal wadding.
My guinea stole all the loose mats Mum made and hides them in her pod!
The thermal wadding works so well, you can feel it when you put your hand inside.
The second one has clips to hold it to the cage so they can't sit on it and squash it.
Thank you for reading....
                                         xx Nicole

PS Look at this darling little toy my dear, dear friend Katy knitted 
It is a knitted guinea pig, made exactly like hers!
(She snuck it in her school bag)


  1. Devil fabric seems like a good name for that -aren't you wonderful to risk your machine and ovelocker with that fluff:). Trixie seems delighted so that makes it all worthwhile. Not to mention happy guinea pigs:)

    1. It was (and is) so nasty, but as you say, Trixie is delighted and actually wears it which is a bonus. (She is not fond of clothing and we have a Jotül fire so our house is nice and warm).
      Happy guinea pigs (or weh weh's, as Trixie calls them) make for happy everyone.
      xx Nicole

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  3. I have sewn with that fabric or something similar, terrible! It looked like some fluffy creature exploded in my sewing area. But at least it is so so cute - and your daughter loves it!

    1. oh yes, this was so fluffy!
      I was very happy to see the back of this project BUT she is actually wearing it and for Trixie, she who wears just knickers, that is no small achievement.
      Thank you!
      xx Nicole

  4. I sewed this pattern up for Miss F a few years ago and she is still wearing it. Our fabric was awful too - and put fluff ALL over the house!!!

    1. Fluff sewers united!
      I have worked out it blunted my blades and needles too, what is in this stuff?
      It is a nice pattern, I found the size 6 so I think will see it again, hopefully in a more cotton rich fabric.
      Thank you! xx Nicole