Wednesday, July 1, 2020

WIP OOP McCall's 3871 Dress for Lidia

I adore Pinterest   and love pursuing it for sewing inspiration.
In fact, many, many of my projects have started as an image on Pinterest. 
While looking at dresses for Lidia, some very pretty examples were being 'suggested' to me.
Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest.
Now, on Pinterest, when you save an image, it show your more with a similar look.
These images were originally pinned from here
I fell in love. 
Such pretty, pretty dresses but without being fussy.
I asked Lidia if I could make her something similar and she said yes!
Anyone that regularly reads me knows I have a 'thing' for sleeves.
Particularly puff sleeves.
When I found this pattern whilst googling I was enchanted and started searching for it.
My favourite vintage pattern seller had it listed!
Honestly, sometimes I think I have an eBay fairy who finds all the finds.
I knew just the fabric. I had had it sitting in my watch list just waiting for a 'tortoise'.
Due to my huge sewing stash, I only buy fabric for specific projects (i.e. a purpose, or 'tortoise' according to Trixie) now, except for remnants, remnants don't count. ;)
The same seller had the nude colour I was after, serendipitous!
To get the result I was after, I am cutting the nude and black georgette separately but then sewing them as one piece.
This involves over laying, carefully pinning, basting, pressing and then overlocking a seam.
Rinse, repeat.
This process is time consuming but it gives a great result with sheer fabrics.
I used this method when sewing my posh frock 

But, so far, so, so good!

I can't wait to finish it.
image from Pinterest

Thank you for reading...
                                        xx Nicole 


  1. Beautiful job! I love to see how you use the vintage patterns and make them with a modern twist.

    1. Thank you!
      I have been so busy and to had much time to 'entertain the muse' but I cant wait to get back sewing!
      xx Nicole

  2. Wow that fit is so good. This will be a super Posh Frock. Is there a special occasion at which to wear it?

    1. Lidia fits into vintage dresses so well!
      She says she would like them for Uni, I hope so, Hugo always dresses ver smartly (he has been mentioned on the Uni website) but I wont be surprised if she wears trackies for comfort like most of them do.
      I do like sewing dresses.
      I plan to spend my retirement sewing up my stash of fabric and patterns exactly as I please. Then I shall donate them or run a Easy shop and donate the profits.
      Thank you!
      xx Nicole