Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Class Picnic in Winter

Everyone knows I love oliver+S patterns and the newly released Spring patterns were no exception!

I loved the Class Picnic Blouse on sight and was even more impressed when I received the ensemble made up by the lovely and talented Mel.

Missy M in Class Picnic made by Mel.

I decided that I could not possibly wait until Summer to make this top!
The Twins needed jackets for Winter 2011. The O+S pattern range does not include a jacket for their size(YET) and the lovely Lisette jacket that I had my eye on for them was still too large.

Looking at the line drawing on the pattern packet I thought it may make a great overshirt.....

And this is what we came up with!
The cloth is a lovely felted oatmeal marl wool flannel. It has a lovely weight,good body but not stiff and it is so snuggy and warm.
I made the size 12,which has lots of room for layers underneath.
The sleeve hem is a little less then suggested but this was the only alteration I made.

To make the brooch,I asked Missy L to draw me a basic flower shape and then I drew two more slightly larger ones,stacked them and sewed a Mother of Pearl button in the centre.
As the fabric is felted it shouldn't fray much.

The Twins immediately pulled out another brooch to try another look.

I tried stacking the gorgeous flowers that I received from the aforementioned Mel and came up with this.....

Overall,a very successful jacket substitute!


  1. Clever Nicole! This will be a great winter staple - think I like the first flowers the best!

  2. Thank you Justine,I have three more on the sewing table.....so frustrating!
    I really want to finish them!

  3. This looks wonderfully cozy! I love all the brooches. They each give the top a different feel. Is this material itchy? I may have to find some for a fall layering piece for A.

  4. Have they not requested scarves from the LTS book? I bet those would be lovely made up a little longer and in a lightweight fabric.

  5. Very cozy Mel and not at all itchy! I must confess I have put the LTS away as I was getting a bit too ambitious with my time management....
    Thank you!

    Thanks Camille,sometimes plain works!