Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Posh Picnic Popover

Say that 5 times quickly....

Yesterday I finished Miss E's woolly version of the Oliver+s Class Picnic blouse.

Today I put the finishing touches to Miss Z's.

The elastic casing

As I was using a woollen knit fabric,I omitted the separate bias casing and extended the sleeve piece by a inch at the top,folded this over and sewed it to make the casing.
This worked very well.

Its finished!

Miss Z thought it a little plain.

Miss Z sans specs

I suggested some painted mother of pearl buttons.

Miss Z suggested a random sprinkle of mother of pearl buttons.


So here we have it,a random sprinkle of buttons,stitched in black,orange and cream.



  1. Fantastic! Though I thought the painted MOP buttons were great too! Must find some of those!

  2. Ooh, I really liked those bird buttons! But you didn't make it for me... ;)

  3. Thanks Mel,believe it or not,they are from Spotlight(Joannes).

    So did I Camille.
    Eleven year old girl's love their bling!

    x N

  4. Great tops! I hope my little will still want me sewing for her when she's the twins' age. BTW, if you are on Facebook, friend O+S for a great discount...but HURRY!! it ends four hours from right now!

  5. I am sure they will want you to sew for them!
    That Finch top is dreamy!
    x N