Saturday, June 4, 2011

Music Box dress all grown up!

I purchased this sweet little pattern with thoughts of toddler dresses for the smaller sizes and school tunics for the larger.

Miss Z always liked it and choose some lovely City Weekend Tree Tops in Bistro Red,to have view B made in.

Friday night was our school Social night.
Miss Z was desperate for a new dress. While fully acknowledging that she didn't need a new dress,she really wanted one,so the discussions(persuading)began.

It was agreed Son&Heir came first as he did need a new outfit.
We fell back on our favourite Sketchbook shirt and trousers,which I altered to a size 14.

Yes Millie,we both like our boots!

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Miss E fancied her twins skinny Sketchbook jeans that were already cut out to wear with her Ruffled Halter and it was reasoned that I could sew those at the same time as Son's trousers.

So the 'pecking order' was established along with promises of help with tea and supper as I still have an extra toddler at present.

After much ferreting through the box room,Miss Z found some slate blue gingham which was deemed perfect.
As requested I shortened the skirt by a good five inches. I stitched  down all the pleats (front and back),to reduce ironing(and swearing)time later.

A black belt was desired and I found this on Ebay,but (stupidly)she was cheeky to her father and he vetoed the purchase.....
Now Miss Z is not a child to be gainsaid,after fishing through my notions tub,she appeared,triumphantly,with some wide cotton webbing tape(the kind used for rugby plackets).
It looked good,but did not sit nicely once on,so I stitched some wide elastic to the centre back to allow some ease.

The finished outfit.

Super cute and stylish but definitely not prissy!

Do you think they were happy with them?

Finally,a little 'Alice' bow for a very modern 'Alice'
I am very pleased to say a good time was had by all!
Thanks for reading
PS Special thanks to Justine for reminding me that I do like blogging!


  1. The girls and son&heir look fabulous in their new outfits for the school social! And you're a fab mom for making them all new outfits!

  2. They look wonderful Nicole. Glad to see you back at your blogging desk!

  3. Thank you Cindy,it was great fun but a little stressful trying to get them all finished!
    I must admit,I am looking forward to my 'one toddler' days again.

    Thanks Melissa,I have missed it,it was just put in the 'too hard' basket.

    x N

  4. The look fabulous!! Son&heir is so handsome in his new outfit. And those!! She has such vision with the blue gingham. I would not have thought of that outfit, but it is fabulous!!

  5. Thank you Rebecca!
    I love clothes but my girls continue to inspire me with their concepts. It is so much fun,tricky at times,''Darling,you need breasts to wear that'',but always a marvellous chance to spend time with them.
    I only hope I can continue to please.
    X N

  6. Nicole, you're back! Hooray! Your crew looks marvelous as always. I've said it before, but your girls have incredible style. I just laughed at your last comment, though, as I have the opposite problem. My middle daughter just turned 14 and she is Very busty, but teeny everywhere else. She'd love me to sew for her, but I'm afraid to try anything but skirts!

  7. Thank you Margaret,what a lovely thing to say,I am happy to be back!
    I will pass on your compliments to the twins.
    My girls think it is very unfair,I was in a 10D at 11 years!

    X N

  8. Yay!!! Nicole's back blogging - I have missed you...
    Love the shortened Music Box - have a special one planned for Miss R - think I may shorten it now too!

  9. They all have such wonderuful style! Great to see you back!

  10. Thank you Justine!
    I have a dozen ides to blog and not enough time!
    Looking forward to seeing Rosie's dress!

    Thank you Millie,I must make the time to blog,it is so cathartic!