Sunday, June 12, 2011

About The Boy

He has grown.......and needed new trousers!
Luckily,the Sketchbook shorts that I altered into trousers 12 months ago still fit around the waist and hips. They were just way too short!

So I lengthened them by a good 6 inches and made him...

Five cord pairs for school.

Two denim pairs for play.

And a very smart black pair for party!

How I love this boy(young man)!
He was a much longed for baby after many devastating losses. A blissful pregnancy followed by a long and difficult labour.
Born with an Apgar of 4,blue and floppy,I thought he had broke my heart before he could fill it.
I was so wrong.
He is loving and kind,wise far beyond his tender 13+ years.
I love watching him become the man I always hoped he would be,and the adult I have never managed to be.

Son&Heir....Beamish Boy.....Hornblower......Mr H....

I am honoured to have you in my life.


  1. He really is becoming a fine young man. My eldest, also 13, has shot up about 3 inches in a few weeks, I haven't braved sewing trousers, though yours look great. The recent request was for a jacket like 'Indiana Jones' so I better finish that.

  2. How fabulous,an Indiana Jones jacket! My boy is army mad,and I finally let him go paint balling yesterday.
    He had a blast and came home covered in round bruises!
    Pants are easy peasy Angela!
    Thanks x N

  3. Ah Nicole, you made me tear up with your love and affection for wonderful Mr H.! He's lucky to have you for a mother :-)

  4. Thank you Susanne,he was away for the weekend and I was thinking about him!
    I suppose it won't be long and he will be gone.....hopefully he will still come back sometimes.

  5. Oh made me teary too! He always sounds like such a great guy, it is lovely to hear more of his background. He is lucky to have such a great family to grow up in too.
    And of course, you are a machine...8 pairs of trousers!!!!!

  6. Thank you Millie,that is so kind of you!

  7. Oh, crying over here! Such a great boy and great mommy!

  8. Thank you Mel,he is very special and I am lucky!