Monday, June 13, 2011

Fancy A Play Date?

After sewing lots of very necessary items of clothing in 'job lots' I was yearning for something pretty....

Thats where the oliver+s Play Date pattern comes in.

I have made it several times see here  and I love it. Its so retro and pretty.

This version is for Missy M made in some Modern Workshop by the talented Liesl Gibson,who also designed the pattern in question!

And here it is.....ruffle's,piping,contrast topstitching and my very special buttons from the very special Claire.

Inside out.

So Olde Worlde in sepia

And it matches perfectly with her Prada boots.

My baby's got style!


  1. she definitely does have style Nicole....just like her mum. Can't wait to see her in it! It's beautiful.

  2. So stylish! I love the's such a classic style. The buttons are wonderful.

  3. I love this dress! So cute! Gah, I need more little girls to sew for! :-)

  4. Thank Melissa-you are a sweetheart!

    I love the different looks that you can make with this dress! This one is very fro-fro,but Rebecca made a gorgeous chambray version. Aren't the buttons fabulous? I am so spoilt. Thanks Millie.

    Thanks Inder-ific! Do you have girls? I know you have a boy,Mr Groovy Greenpants.
    X N

  5. Love this one, Nicole!
    How nice to sew something pretty!

  6. Will restate that the dress is gorgeous! And Miss M is a doll!! Those boots are pretty great too?

  7. Any chance of you doing a tutorial blog on this dress like you did with the bubble dress? I struggled a bit with the yoke and the piping.
    I am eagerly awaiting my bubble dress pattern and am so pleased to have discovered your blog, thank you.

  8. Absolutely! What a buzz!
    I will make one after my current sewing project. I have not done any more tutorials as I was worried I bang on a bit too much,but to have one requested....I would be honoured!
    Will you give me two weeks?
    x N

  9. Whoops,Sorry Mel.....Thank you,if you have a girl next time I will send them to you! x