Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2+2=Seriously Cute

Still on selfish sewing....
Today I made one 2+2 skirt.

I have five others to make....but to be fair,by the time I swapped threads for each skirt,It was just as quick to sew one.

After basting in the pleats I decided to sew them in, front and back,to save ironing time.

This took some time but it was worth it.

This is a garment that is worth pre-neatening the seams. I used a tiny zigzag and it worked really well.

Inside the placket
To be honest,the placket was fiddly but the pattern warns you that the smaller size skirts need some tweaking!

The sewn seam-a little 'bumpy'
The hem not finished.
With a little snipping and pressing...

Finished hem.

Snipped the slits a teeny bit more..

Some nifty pressing and topstitching
And one of my trusty name labels.....

I got it to sit nicely.


If you like this skirt as much as I do you had better move quick as it is being discontinued.

Next 2+2 blouses...


  1. lol! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who chose huge snaps for this skirt. My daughter still just shimmies the skirt up and down but at least I know she could find those snaps if she needs them.
    This is her very favorite, absolute best skirt and it always gets picked first if clean -- it's a pity the pattern is being discontinued.

  2. Soooo not selfish sewing! especially that neat placket and waistband.
    The sewn in pleats make for a wonderful finish, and holds them perfectly. I'm seriously impressed with the hanging ribbon!

  3. The bigger the better icicle! Missy M's other skirt pops open when she sit's down!
    I love the way this skirt 'bounces' when she walks,it is a shame it is being discontinued.....I have both sizes.

    He he,it feels very naughty to sew ONE garment at a time(but I am enjoying it).
    I generally press the pleats in on the other girls so I decided to save myself some burnt fingers.
    The hanging ribbon prevents it ending up on the floor of her wardrobe AFTER I have ironed it!

    Thanks Girls,
    x N

  4. Love the idea of sewing in the pleats! I was planning on making at least a few of these for school uniforms but was already dreading the ironing.

  5. It works really well Sarah,I hemmed the pleat bit before stitching. Its already been washed and with a good flick and hanging to dry it barely needs a press!
    I am hoping to work on another today and this time I am going to leave the basting stitches in and the bottom unpressed pleats.
    I look forward to seeing your uniforms.
    x N

  6. Do you change the name labels out as the kids grow into the hand me downs for older sisters? (did that make sense?)

  7. I use the ENFANT labels until age 9,and then they swop to EGLINGTON. There is no particular reason for it except I worried Son might think ENFANT was babyish.

    All my name tags say KELLER,so there is no need to swop those.
    X N

  8. Makes sense. I don't know why, but I thought each kid had his/her own!