Friday, June 17, 2011

No Sewing as Such...

Lulu is the newest member of our family-she is  neurotic-so she fits in well.....
I was trying to film her going bonkers on her cat pole.
Of course,as soon as I got the camera out she stopped-not going bonkers just scratching!

If the video will not work try here

She charged at me,bit me and then ran through my sewing basket!
thus ''Get out of my sewing''

Jed was very amused that I was more worried about that then my bleeding leg.
But for heavens sake! My Sketchbook  pattern was in that basket!!!!!


  1. Hi, little Lulu! Love your crazy cat video. I hope the sewing is alright! (oh right, and your leg too :-)

  2. Thank Susanne,she is the funniest cat,a Ragdoll,I definitely recommend them for children.

  3. Love a playful cat. A would love a cat, but Chris thinks they are all snotty and stuck up.

  4. Not these ones Mel,she is so much fun the twins siamese cannot help but play with her! (and they are stuck up cats)!

  5. he he he - what a cute little trouble maker!

  6. She is so cute Sandi and usually very placid. I bathe her every other night once the little ones have been through and she sits quietly while I do it.

  7. Oh, I am such a cat person...hmmmm...time for a new one??!

  8. They are the nicest cats Justine! I would highly recommend them,this ones spends most of its time being 'guggled ' by the baby!