Monday, June 27, 2011


It does......really!
Today I finished up the girls 2+2 blouses and I still love this dear little pattern from oliver+s.

Because this is a pattern I would definitely put on a baby boy I resisted my florals and pinks to make Missy M's quite gender neutral.

With the matching skirts I think they are still deliciously feminine.

Missy L chose her usual blues from her(and my) favourite City Weekend.

Miss Z chose an orange floral with gingham trim,I really wanted to use a self trim,but she loved the gingham and I dare say she will cover it with a scarf any way.

I chose a lovely self embroidered white cotton for a 'share' top.

 Miss E surprised(and delighted me)by choosing the lovely pink Park Ramble from the City Weekend collection.

I just hope she wears it as my supply is dwindling!

Three 2+2 skirts to finish off and then I will pop this pattern away for a little while.

See,2+2 does =7!
x N


  1. Oh, they are all lovely - the pink Park Ramble is gorgeous! So nice to have them all finished

  2. These are just so gorgeous. Lucky girls.

  3. "Because this is a pattern I would definitely put on a baby boy I resisted my florals and pinks to make Missy M's quite gender neutral." Are we counting to 6?;)

    Lovely tops! I really like the 2+2's for the older girls.

  4. Mmmmmm. Those are Lovely, every last one. You and the girls did a great job matching prints!!

    IF I was clever I would go ahead and start sewing long sleeved tops. Summer is so short here, and that blouse looks terrific with long sleeves.

  5. Great job, Nicole! I noticed that you seemed to be making them assembly line style. Did you use the same color thread for all of them? I always think I can save time making multiples but end up changing thread color between them so it's really not as efficient as I wanted it to be.

  6. Thank you Justine,I love the Park Ramble too! It is nice to have finished them.

    Thank you madebymum!

    Just planning ahead Cindy,just in case... Thank you,the twins still fit in the 8,I just left the sleeves a little longer.

    Thank you Margaret ,I have not made a short sleeve version yet,I must as they look so sweet!

    Thanks Sandi,I am quite fussy with thread colour and with this batch I changed from white to blue to pink.
    It takes seconds to change threads and you only do it for top stitching.

    X N

  7. All of these are fantastic, such lovely fabric choices. But I admit I'm pretty partial to that white "share" top (hey, I'd even wear it myself if it would actually fit)!

  8. I haver been wishing I could shrink too Susanne!
    Thank you!
    x N

  9. Right, you only needed to change the thread for top stitching. I've just had times when I'm sewing multiples with much higher contrast, like navy and khaki, and I don't want to use the opposite thread even for the seams. Perhaps I worry too much!!

  10. these are great! and, i was wanting to ask you the same thing as sandi, nicole. do you just use white thread in your seams? now that i have two girls and a few nieces, i am much more likely to want to do some patterns in multiples. you are the quintessential speed sewer, and i am looking for any tips you have. xoxo

  11. Thank you Cate,I have been thinking of you and your new baby!

    Unless I am sewing white I use a beige colour thread for my inside seams as it blends well and I think it looks better then white on a pattern.

    For topstitching I change my top thread only,I find it only takes a few seconds to change and the matching thread makes all the difference on a solid.

    On this batch I used white thread for all but the blue and pink CW blouses.
    I would have preferred to use the beige but as I was sewing a white blouse I used white.(I am not that fussy)!

    I am sewing 5 Music Class skirts at the moment cream,pink floral,pink,blue and yellow so there is a few thread changes but I save time pressing in batches and not getting up and down from the machine.

    I hope this is a little help.
    Be well and hug that baby(and her special siblings)for me!
    x N

  12. Sorry Sandi my love!
    I must have missed your comment!

    x N