Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2+2 Revisited

I was so pleased with yesterdays effort.
2+2 for Missy Moo
I made another one!

This time,rather then basting the pleats,I stitched them permanently.

Press the pleats in place
I tucked the centre pleat under the nearest side pleats.
The top view
Stitch length marked with tailors chalk
Then I topstitched.
Top stitching the pleats

Close up

Inside view

It has a completely different feel to it.

It was a much quicker skirt to make.

Which was good,as today we had to make a trip to the hospital.

Missy L tripped in the school yard and needed stitches in her chin.
She was very brave and Daddy bought her an ice cream.


  1. I dare say I like the stitched down pleats best.:) Both skirts are very pretty! Hugs to Miss L.

  2. Your work is always perfection. Hope Miss L. feels better!

  3. Love the topstitching! It really does give the skirt a completely different look! Big hugs for Miss L!

  4. Beautiful skirt....If it came in a bigger size, it would make a perfect school skirt for my girlie! I love this version, and Claire's buttons are great!

  5. I am with you Cindy,I like the stitched down pleats best,but the other is fun and girly!

    Thank you Sarah,that is very kind of you!

    I love my topstitching Mel,my children play hard!

    Thanks Millie,my twins still wear the size 8.
    I love my buttons from Claire!

    Thank you all for your well wishes towards Missy L. It was quite sore during the night and has bled through the dressing so she is having a day at home!
    Misses L AND M are equally pleased about that!

  6. Hi!
    Very well done. I love pleats on a skirt.
    You have 5 beautiful children, nice to see all of them together.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my Village Frock Wannabe.

  7. My pleasure sertyan,I thought your frock was amazing and your daughter so gorgeous!
    Thank you for your compliments!

  8. Oh, poor Missy L, and she looks like she's trying to be so brave in that pic. I hope it heals soon and that you didn't have to travel too far to the hospital.

    Thanks for posting the pics of the pleats, very helpful.

  9. Thank you Angela,The hospital is only 1/2 an hour away,although it is facing closure!!!

    I hope the photos are helpful.
    x N