Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Theres a Room with a door,with a door,with a door!

Whoops,sorry,guess who has watched too many episodes of Play School!

The laundry is coming along,despite a few set backs.

My lovely butlers sink was installed and two weeks later a dirty great crack appeared in it!
Jed blamed the children,they blamed him. I did not care who did it,BUT I was mighty shirty it happened!

Luckily,I had purchased a second one for the kitchen reno's and pulling out the cracked one and replacing it wasn't a huge job.

The cracked one will be installed on the back verandah and it will be perfect for mixing calf and lambs milk in.

I had purchased second hand mirror sliding doors for the laundry side of the double sided cupboard.
These had to be cut as they were too wide.
Jed was happy to cut the frame work and weld that back together but was nervous about cutting glass.
A chap from a nearby town offered to cut them for $100 and box of beer.
Done deal,Jed even helped him drink a few......
They look great,make the room feel huge and will be perfect for cutting hair in front of.

So the frame is up,the door is hung and the doors are in on the laundry side and....


Fight the good fight!


  1. Thanks for the update! I've been meaning to ask how this was going...:)

  2. Slowly slowly Justine,but like everything my darling man does,very solid and oh-so funky!

    Thank you!

  3. It's looking great! There are so many house projects we should be doing around here but are not. We've just run out of money and energy to fix this old house up.

  4. It's fabulous how it's starting to come together!

  5. Thanks Sarah,I know what you mean,time and money play a big factor!

    I figure at the rate we are moving Cindy it will be finished by the time Missy M is out of nappies,and then we won't really need a door!!!!

    Thanks girls!

    x n

  6. Oh fantastic! Sorry for no posting, have been following along, but Reeder on my iPad won't let me post comments. Grr!

  7. It is so exciting to be making some progress!
    Thanks Mel!

  8. It's looking great Nicole....I always tell people "my husband has a great pair of hands!"...let them think what they will!