Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nature Walk for School

Our School has a uniform,which I fully support and agree with.
There is quite enough everyday 'stuff' going on to be picked on and bullied for without introducing clothes into the equation!

Fab Four in Uniform
Ours is simple enough,a summer dress,a winter tunic,light blue tops,navy rugby's and navy bottoms.

I tend to make things in 'fives',polo tops,shorts,trousers whatever.
It means that everyone has a clean uniform everyday and it hands down well.

The twins rugby's were getting too small(and worn out)and Son&Heir has been juggling two woollen grubbers I made him,so it was time to make some more.

Usually I make this style here with some cotton knit I purchased in bulk several years back.
They are not very thick or warm in winter though.
After trawling Ebay I found a bundle of wool/poly knit 8m+bits. A few bids later it was mine!

I had eyed of the Nature Walk pattern by oliver+s as a potential school jumper,but after seeing the lovely Peta's I knew it was.

With the width of the fabric I was able to cut out 8 rugby's with pieces left to make smaller ones.
I eliminated all the seams and sewed with a smaller seam allowance.

Yes,thats what eight rugby's look like!

I felt like sewing them took weeks......mainly because I had a house full of sick chicks and only quick sewing sessions.
They actually went together really well and quite promptly.

They are very warm and snuggly. The Twins are chuffed!
I am still trying to decide whether I stencil the school letters on(or not).


  1. Hello Nicole, that's a stunning looking top. I so would not have the patience to make 8! Though it seems a pity to have to add the school letters, I would probably do so because I find that mine don't really wear school colours outside of school.
    I haven't made any uniforms for my boys, but am hoping to do so for my daughter for Sept.

  2. Hi Angela,my white dove from over the sea!
    We are a bit the same,I love navy,but as we wear it for school it loses its appeal!
    Eight was a lot! I have promised myself some pretty sewing time now!
    Lovely to hear from you..
    X N

  3. Gosh, 8 of them! I love how they look in navy, I just have to dig my pattern out and make one.

  4. Impressive! They look so good in navy and white.

  5. They look really sharp in the navy and white!

  6. Thank you,it is a great pattern and very easy to! I used a poly/cotton for the collars so they should stay nice and white! Can't wait to see yours Little Munchkins!

    Thanks Mel,I think they good as a uniform too.

    Thanks Cindy,theres something about navy and white,isn't there?

  7. You've inspired me to make some (or all?) of Grace's uniforms next year. I am going to start with the music class blouse for her shirts and then go from there. She is very picky about pants so that will be a tough one! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Very nice! As always, I admire how productive you are, and your tag adds a nice touch. Hope the kiddos are feeling better.

  9. Thank you Sarah!
    Great minds! I have cut out Music Class shirts in blue polo fabric for the twins school tops. I thought I would swop gathers for pintucks and put ribbing cuffs instead of cuffs/plackets.

    The Nature Walk pants make up really well in a stretch woven,my girls love those!
    X N

  10. Thanks Susanne (ditto with your writing)!
    It was a horrid cold and it coincided with nasty weather which didn't help!
    The biggies are all better,just baby and me feeling sorry for our selves!

    Thank you for caring!
    X N

  11. Wow, that is a CRAZY number of tops to sew up! Well done!

  12. It was a crazy number,and too many!
    Five in a sitting is okay,I won't do eight again....
    Thank you X N

  13. These really look great Nicole - and not just for school!

  14. You are a machine! I keep telling you! They are fantastic!

  15. Thanks Millie,thats so kind of you!