Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back to the Funky Sunki

I haven't been sewing much.
School hol's.
Extra farm work.
The horrid new Flickr layout......
I had lost my sew-jo!

So I thought I would ease back in with a Sunki or 3!
This one is for Lily-up-the-road.
Tilly has grown out of this one and it has gone to Annie-up-the-road.
So of course her big sister needed a co-ordinating version.
I made both girls a bundle of Sunki leggings for their birthday so they are good to go!
Tildy was happy to model it for me.
Zara was happy to style her.
The Sunki is a generous fit. I forgot. I really should make Tildy the  smaller size and add length but its winter, we can layer.

Did I mention I made 3?

xx N


  1. Replies
    1. Me too.
      Rosie's Echino is still my favourite.
      xx N

  2. We have a lot of fun Katy and it is wonderful for her confidence.
    xx N

  3. so CUTE!!! I love the fabric and of course her posing...I hear ya on the new flickr really lowering your too :(

    1. I hate it!
      We are in the country and our broad band is so slow!

      Thank you
      xx N

  4. So cute! I love the ikat print. And I totally agree about the new Flickr layout. I feel like I can't find ANYTHING. And who the heck knows if anyone is commenting on my photos? So annoying!

  5. Thank you Inder, I wasn't a fan but I am a complete convert now.
    The new Flickr is a pain, not as friendly.
    xx N