Monday, July 22, 2013

Kindy Days

School hol's are over and the house is quiet and a bit sad.
Tilly went back to Kindy today and she wore her new oliver+s Book Report dress.
Its a lovely pattern to sew, all the 'bits' go together perfectly.
And it has pockets-secret pockets.
How awesome is that?
oliver+s Book Report dress
 I have the downloadable version of this pattern and it is great!
Oliver+s have this clever placement of the pattern pieces so there are minimal sheets to join. 
 After chatting with fellow oliver+s groupie about the fit I decided to draft the size 2 with the length of a size 4.
This took a bit of jiggling with the yoke pieces but it wasn't hard.
In a nutshell, I added two sizes to the length.
So the size 4 ended up being drafted on the size 12-18mnth line.
Matilda's Kindy uniform is encouraged, and the recommended attire is red or green polo top(house colours) and navy bottoms.
Well this is sort of it.
I used a pinwale cord from Spotlight. The printed cord seems to have a little more body then the plain dyed.
The hem is bound by some gorgeous cotton webbing printed with a measuring tape.
My gorgeous friend purchased it in Purl Soho (yes baby-baby, I am a-dropping names) for me.
Spoilt? Yup!
The hessian knot buttons I picked up on eBay. I would give you a link but she seems to have closed down.
Its a super fit right now which is fine as she will only get 1 1/2 terms wear from it and then it will be for farm play.
I have already made this for the Twins.
And it is just as gorgeous on a big girl.
Isn't Liesl clever?

xxx N


  1. I just love seeing your clothes modeled. The dress is just adorable. That is one thing (of many) that I love about Liesl's designs, they really can suit a large age range.

  2. Thank you Brittney, I know I take way too many pictures but it is such fun!
    Liesl is clever, even patterns I think are too young (The Seashore dress) or too old (School Photo) prove me wrong.
    xx N

  3. Love this version Nicole (and I'm pretty sure it fits the school rules. Judging from my kids school uniforms this is a huge improvement)!
    The colors, the fit and the clever hem :-)
    I've been postponing buying this pattern (pdf version, of course) but I might need to do it before fall starts :-)

    1. Thank you Ana Sofia, I am a bit naughty but she will be in blue and navy five days a week next year.

      I truly don't think you will be disappointed, and the PDF version is excellent.
      xx N

  4. I adore Tilly's version of this dress - so fun but also so lovely
    Love the knit one too - wish Rosie would agree to it...
    You are so very right about the patterns being so suitable for all age groups

    1. Thank you Justine, Elsa was not convinced until I made it-now she lives in it as it is so comfy!
      xx N

  5. I love this - casual and fun! Perfect with leggings and boots. Have fun at kindy, Tilly!