Wednesday, March 12, 2014

An Oldie but a Goodie

Did you hear?
Of course you did!
The new Oliver+S have been released.
And they are bee-too-ti-ful!

But whilst I was a-waiting I sewed up an oldie.
The Puppet Show tunic.
(I hope you will be well mannered enough to ignore my upside down sleeve plackets- I thank you)
I used a piece of vintage Birds Eye pique I picked up on eBay. It sewed like a dream.
As we are coming into Autumn and I want this be multi-seasonal, I used some black-with-white-stitching bows to give it some oomph.
Tildy chose the buttons.
Wee heart shaped MOP (what else)?
I sewed them on with black thread to continue the 'oomph' theme.
How lovely does this look from behind?
I will admit, this can be a trickier-then-usual pattern to sew. So, because I love you all, I will let you in on some sneaky tricks to making this an easier sew.
Have a peek here for a slightly off road version.
Now we mustn't forget the famous shorts!
I used the scraps leftover from this little dress. The bonus being she can wear them under said dress which still fits around but is getting a wee bit short.
I make mine up with a flat front.
i.e. most of the gathers at the back!
I have a little tute if you are interested.

Modelled piccies soon, I promise!
(Tildy was playing in the mud tonight aka gardening and wouldn't oblige me)

Now, I just need to finish Elsa's list and I can get on with some new pattern sewing....

xx N


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Colette.
      Perfect for my Tildy-dress-up-doll!
      xx N

  2. I love the front darts with the bows at the top! Too cute :D

    1. Thank you Kristen. Its such a lovely combo of tailored but deliciously little girl.
      I love this pattern.

      xx N

  3. I didn't even notice anything upside down until you mentioned it, I love the puppet show in white. It will be adorable with those shorts!

    (That dress is one of my favorites though!)

    1. You are too kind Rebecca, I blame sewing with a fever! I matched my notches and sewed it in!

      I can't wait to show you photos.
      xx N

  4. I adore the Puppet Show. It is definitely my all time favourite and this version is divine. Love the oooommmph!

  5. There is something about the Puppet Show....

    I like a bit of oomph!

    xx N