Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Holiday 2014 Day Two

Before we planned our holiday.
We asked everyone what they would like to do.

Hugo- fishing
Zara and Elsa- Op Shops and the movies.
Liddy- bush walks and a cake every day
Tildy- playgrounds and ice cream

A pretty achievable list.

We have done a bush walk.

Today, it was the Twins turn.
I had purchased this book before we left and Zara is adding any new ones we find to it.

We spent the night at Hamilton so that was first on our list.
 The Lifeline store, 45 Brown Street, Hamilton.
A tiny little shop with that 'Op Shop' smell.
Pretty standard 'old' stuff, a mix of clothing, books, toys and ornaments.
Hugo picked up some brand new work gear. Two pairs of overalls, work trousers and shorts.
And a new scarf, and a few books. $3o
Jed found a mohair scarf. $2
Tildy bought a china reindeer, for Nan, for 50c
Liddy ferreted out some china treasures, and a painted wooden box, for Nan. $2
And a ceramic turtle 50c
I bought this beautiful jug, for me, $2
Zara bought a dress, $6
Elsa, a sweet little sterling silver pendant, $1.50
Next up, the Salvo's, Gray Street.
This was pretty pricey and not that friendly.
Although Hugo picked up a cashmere scarf for $1.50!
Seriously, real cashmere.
And Liddy found a Emu egg. $2
I just hope it makes it home.
Zara hit the dress rack, $15
and another, $15
And something to pop over her swimmers, $4

Next up, across the road, The Argyle 
Not such a good clothes selection, but great books.
Our personal favourite was next, St Vinnies.
Nice and clean and very spacious.
I bought a pretty little sweet bowl. 50c 
Hugo found a few more books, I grabbed a classic Kwik Sew pattern. 50c a pop!
I also found a vintage wrap dress pattern, Tildy a wonderful, water filled bouncy ball.
Lidia found an amazing science activity book, brand new!
All 50c each!
And the buy of the trip (so far) Elsa found a beautiful suede and lambskin vintage shearing coat. Leather toggle buttons, suede button holes.
It fit her like it had been made for her. $80
The friendliest Op Shop in Hamilton was the WDHS.
I picked up some sweet little pieces of china. 50c a piece.
The prettiest shade of blue.
And I bought a beanie for the baby, new and hand kitted, pure wool,$2 

After Hamilton, we headed for Lorne.
Via Camperdown.
So green.
So beautiful 
Liddy is seriously getting into this!
I found a brand new hand knitted woollen baby sweater, $2!
And Elsa a new, hand knitted alpaca beanie, $2
Finally, the last shop of the day.
We snuck in with five minutes to spare.
Power shopping.
Vintage pattern bundle, $1 for the lot!

Elsa found a little black satin number, but popped it back, at the last minute.
She has good control.

It was getting late by then and the Op Shops at Colac would have been closed.

So we headed for Lorne.

I must mention, Hugo has done all the driving, including hair pin turns, narrow roads, skippy's and drizzle. He is doing an awesome job.

Today, Day 3, we stayed in our gorgeous apartment in Lorne, I slept and slept, Jed and the Littles hit the playgrounds, The Twins hit the boutiques and coffee shops, and Hugo studied (it has to be done).

Tomorrow, Jed and the Fab Five do the Otways experience but I am struggling a little with all the walking so I shall stay home and rest.

(But we have 6 months to do the walking tour)

xx N


  1. Busy busy busy! Some great finds - love Elsa's jacket!

    1. It was busy but a great (and cheap) way to get in and out of the car!
      xx N

  2. It looks like everyone found some lovely treasures! I hope you all have a wonderful time and that you are able to get plenty of rest too. : )

    1. We are having a lovely time Sharon. We find a holiday is a bi-annual event for us.
      I just hope its not the last one with Hugo!

      xx N

  3. That Tildy, I just want to eat her! Nice op-shopping. Love the look of some of those patterns.

    1. She is winning hearts all over Victoria!

      I was happy with $1/ pattern but the lady insisted on $1 the lot!

      And I really need new patterns......

      xx N

  4. Your trip looks lovely :) I would have enjoyed the shop day! Great finds! What does "OP" mean, though? It is not something I hear in the states :)
    Take care, get some rest, and enjoy your vacation!

    1. Thanks Kristin, OP is short for Opportunity. Just like Thrift shops.
      There is a lot of rubbish but you can find some real finds. Elsa's coat is a great example.

      I am having another rest day to day, then tomorrow, back to it!

      xx N

  5. I would have loved to come thrifting too!

    1. The Twins would have loved that Colette! Maybe we will have to drive to Queensland......
      xx N

  6. I'm enjoying your pics and descriptions of your holiday! Looks like you all are having a delightful time!

    1. We are having an amazing time Cindy, I have not cooked a meal or washed a plate!

      Everyone is getting to do something they want to do!
      xx N

  7. Looks like a fun day. I have been following your blog for a while. We are taking our 5 on a holiday soon - Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, Adelaide and country VIC and NSW back to Newcastle. Some of which was inspired by a previous holiday of yours. I also love the clothes you make for your children - very inspiring. Looking to finish work this year and get back into my sewing. Can't wait.

  8. Wonderful Kirsty!

    Such a long holiday, I am jealous! If you do the Great Ocean Road, definitely consider Otways, its a bit pricey but so worth it!

    xx N

  9. Oh, Opp shops are wonderful!
    We don't have it around here so it's so lovely to see through "your eyes". The vintage pattern bundle is my favorite (one can never have too many patterns, right?).
    Hope you're having a lovely time :)

    1. Its such fun and a good lesson in recycling Ana Sofia.

      Thank you, we are having a lovely time.
      xx N

  10. What a fun haul!!! And the vintage patterns! Looks like there are some really good ones in there. What a fun way to spend a day, but get off your feet, Nicole! It's good to walk a lot when you're pregnant, but I hope you had a nice rest afterwards.

  11. It was so much fun Inder, a great excuse to stop and stretch and met some friendly local plus get some great bargains.

    I did get some rest, thank you, I definitely over estimated my tenacity when I booked this holiday

    xx N

  12. I love a good rummage round a charity shop. It's hard to believe what some people throw away.

    Elsa's coat reminds me of one my mum had. When they emigrated to Spain about 15 years ago, they had to be really tough about what they took with them. Mum sorted out a box (or several) for the charity shop and in there was her sheepskin coat. Really heavy, great condition, well looked after. The day after we took it down there, she broke out in a cold sweat about having given it away and insisted we went back to get it. Unlucky for us it wasn't there. She swears it never hit the rail and one of the staff snagged it. It was beautiful.

  13. What a fabulous story Katy!

    I ended up chipping in $20 towards the coat as she was worried about using up all her wages. It fitted her so well and looked so good she HAD to have it!

    E&Z have headed interstate to a sheep show with their Daddy. I am sure she will be toasty warm wearing it.

    xx N