Thursday, July 24, 2014


I saw this dress on Pinterest.
I really loved the colours and the clean style, so I started searching for a similar fabric&pattern, on eBay.

This pattern jumped out at me.
A vintage McCalls from the 1960's.
Next I found this fabric, not the same but Tildy and I both liked it.
(To be honest, its not washing that well, its going pilly, I wouldn't recommend it).
I made View B with a few inches extra length and I used the faux pockets from View A.
Real pockets would have been better, Tildy is constantly trying to put her hanker sniff away.
I used the notches to match the plaid.
The back took a few 'goes' to match.
I ended up sticky taping the zipper in place, basting it, and then topstitching.
I added a full lining but simply cutting another dress from cotton lawn and putting the dress and lining right sides together.
I sandwiched the collar between the dress and facing and then hand stitched it in place at inch intervals.
I also under stitched the dress and dress lining to the facing.
I hand sewed the lining and facing to the wrong side of the zipper.
To hem the sleeves, I trimmed the lining back and then hid the raw edge in a double fold.
For finishing off, a simple double hem with a long stitch to stop the lining riding up.

One groovy dress.
For a groovy chicken.
Perfect for Winter days.
For my little Sunbeam.

xx N


  1. Oh this is cozy and ELEGANT. Tildy is growing up, but she retains her sunbeamness!! Or should that be "sunbeam-itude"?

    1. Isn't she getting a big girl?(sob)
      Sunbeam-itude, I like it!
      Thank you Inder.

      xx N

  2. I love this Nicole. Shame it isn't washing well!

  3. Thank you Sandi, to be fair, it pilled a bit the first wash and has not got any worse and it has been washed and worn a fair bit.
    xx N

  4. Wow, this is just so sweet! I love it on her!

  5. Thank you Rachel, YOU have been sewing up a plethora of beautiful things!
    xx N

  6. It reminds me a bit of the School Photo Dress which I love so much.

  7. Thank you Rachel, I was thinking of you as I sewed this.
    xx N

  8. Love this dress (vintage patterns are so adorable, but I never managed to find these lovelies) and I do love the plaid, despite the pilling :(
    Thank you for the tip on the long stitch (at the hem). This will be very useful for me :)

  9. Thank you Ana Sofia, I seem to be quite lucky with my vintage finds.
    xx N

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!