Friday, December 16, 2016

Elise tee for Me

I really like Zara's Elise tee
So I thought I would try one for me.
I sewed the largest size (as per my bust measurement) from some very light weight, burn out knit one of the Twins rejected.
The fabric was not pleasant to sew, each seam required machine basting before overlocking and then I pressed and topstitched the cuffs and neck band.
My new cover stitch is still being uncooperative so I sewed a narrow, double hem with a 3.5 stitch length (4 is my longest stitch)
It is not the most flattering of tops but it is just what I was after, for Summer.
I will sew another in a drape-y b&w stripe and possibly a nude pink (a better colour for my lifestyle then white)
Despite my RBF I am pleased with the one.
The Elise Tee is a free PDF. It is extremely well drafted and the instructions are very good.
As always, I take my time with knits, pressing well and top stitching where the seams allow it.
The neck has plenty of ease so I bound the back seam (purely for aesthetics) the same as Zara's above.

I recommend a very light, very stretchy knit. Something with modal would be perfect.
This style of top is quite pricey in Witchery and Country Road so well worth making one or two yourself.

xx N


  1. It looks like a perfect breezy top for summer.

  2. You are on fire, lady!! I find this style of t-shirt looks great with a "partial tuck" or tucked into a high waist. I need like a dozen of these!!

    1. Thank you Inder.
      Yes! The Twins have taught me the 'partial tuck' to hint a a waist. It is a really nice top. I was dubious, being a free tee but It is well drafted and actually better for a big booked girl. I found it does fall off one shoulder but I am a bit wonky anyway.
      xx N