Sunday, December 18, 2016

Woven Hudson Pants (or would that be trousers)?

So, earlier this year I made some denim Hudson pants
According to my Stylebook App they are my second most worn item.
Only second to my gold hoop earrings.
So I made another pair.
Now, it is to be remembered the Hudson Pants are meant to be sewn in a knit, not a woven.
The cotton sateen I used is quite stretchy but I sized up by at least 3 sizes.
I used the polo collar trick for the pocket edge again and also lined the pockets with modal knit for a smooth finish.
The cuffs are ribbing.
The tie is completely faux.
I used a double row of elastic, very comfortable around the tummy with more 'give' then a single, wider row.
The have a nice fit at the rear, no mum-bum.
They are very comfortable and as easy to wear as track pants.

~My Verdict~
I really like these trousers. As much as I would like to dress up, every day, it is not going to happen. I do think these look nearly as tidy as jeans with the comfort factor being a very nice bonus.
I wear my denim ones so frequently I have cut another pair in pale denim.
I look forward to sewing them in knit, as a slim pair or track pants.

Thanks for reading and apologies for the plethora of posts.