Monday, December 12, 2016

Style Arc Cara

I found the pattern company Style Arc after reading the lovely Lara's blog.
They have a great deal wherein you may choose between two featured free patterns when you make a purchase.

The free pattern changes each month.

My first sew is the Cara, for Zara.
From the website...
CARA TOP: This on-trend top gives a gorgeous look with its flattering, gathered, off the shoulder neckline with a floaty raglan sleeve.  The elastic at the back neck band keeps the shoulder line in shape.  Wear it with jeans or dress it up with a fabulous print to wear to a special occasion.
Zara measured a size 8 in the shoulders so that is the size I purchased.
Style Arc paper patterns only give you one size, the only thing I don't like about the company. I have to draft across many sizes when sewing for the Twins so I would not be able to make them a dress, for example.
I *think*  you may be able to purchased multi sized PDF's from Etsy.
The fabric is a vintage John Kaldor that came from my SIL's fabric stash. It is a heavy rayon with a high heat tolerance (I pressed it on cotton) it took a crease well and draped beautifully.
I did change my sewing construction. I enclosed the raw edges of the shoulder band, topstitching it in place. It was a little fiddly but  worth it for the neat finish.
I noticed in this photo the elastic was shifting in the casing so I have since tacked it in place.
I did have to shorten the elastic by several inches, it was way too loose. I would advise fitting this step.
~My Verdict~
I am very taken with Style Arc. The pattern are modern, elegant and this one was very well drafted.
The instructions are minimal but that didn't bother me. The important steps are covered and that works for me.
I would recommend this pattern and it is a pretty quick sew once you have the construction sorted in your head.
Be careful pressing the patterns, the ink ran in mine and smudged.

~Zara's Verdict~
The Cara top is my new absolute favourite.
The pattern and material work so well together and it is so flattering. 
Thank you so much Mum.

We aims to please.

xx N


  1. Just gorgeous. And then there's the top. Enjoy.

  2. The top suits her so well - really nicely done!

  3. Yes you can buy multiple sizes in the pdf's - you choose a bundle of 3 sizes. However (and it is a big however!) they still print as a one size patterns so it is very difficult to merge sizes. I am a pear and need 2 sizes smaller on the bust compared to the hips so when I sew these patterns I do need to print both sizes and then merge them where I need to. They are great patterns but the single sized pattern is a pain!!!

    1. Aynsley, I wondered about that, my girls are the same shape. Good to know about the PDF's, I will try that.
      Thank you.
      xx N

  4. Ah, so breezy and lovely! Not surprised she loves it (oh, to be young and able to wear off the shoulder styles!). Love the fabric, and thanks for the review, Nicole.

  5. Thank you Inder, it was a fun sew, I hope she wears it.
    xx N

  6. Nicole this is lovely! The Ellie-Mae which is similar but also in dress form is nested in three sizes on PDF if this helps. I think they are trialling the nested pdf to see how it goes. Nothing like an easy breezy summer top.