Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hatteras Hoodie

Another sew another Witchery inspired garment.
After perusing her favourite clothing website Liddy made another request.
available from Witchery
My initial thought was 'No chance'
Where on Earth would I find bunny printed cotton fleece?
But I googled and this popped up. 
Spotlight doesn't give you a lot of information but I ordered two metres as soon as it came on sale and crossed my fingers it would be cotton.
It wasn't.
It is polyester. Very velvety on the right side but the nastiest nylon on the inside.
It slipped and stretched as I sewed. I probably should have basted it but I was not basting a flipping hoodie.
It was extremely wide and a generous cut so I was able to cut a size 12 for Lids, the 9 for Tildy (with faux sleeves) and a size 3 for Trixie.
Next, a pattern.
I remembered the Hatteras hoodie had a similar look.
To achieve my Witchery knock off I used View B, re-drafting the neck to View A.
I then added 3 inches to the hems. (Not sure for Trixie's... 1 inch)?
View B is a cropped style.
With a narrow hem, the length is just right.
The weight of the hood was pulling the neck line back so I added a hook-and-eye to Liddy's.
Tilly's doesn't bother her and Trixie's fat tummy keeps hers in place.
The bunnies are very sweet.
I used a silky cotton knit for the hood lining (Eliza's of Sunshine) and some oatmeal ribbing for the cuff (from my stash)
I overlocked the neck edge and covered it with my label tape rather then binding it as instructed.
I do like the binding suggestion though
To achieve the front vents I overlocked the front edge panels before sewing the sleeves.
Then I overlocked the front to backs to just below the under arm seam and the sewed a flat seam on my normal machine and then pressed the seams and hemmed them.
 I didn't have quite enough bunnies to make Tildy's long sleeved so I added a faux long sleeve, underneath.
I simply hemmed the shorter sleeve and then placed both sleep caps together and treated both pieces as one.
 ~Lidia's Verdict~
This hoodie is so comfortable when I first saw it on Witchery I just loved it. I begged and begged mum until she agreed and I am so glad she did as it is so comfortable. It is so velvety on the outside but warm and silky on the inside. I think that the one mum made is my favourite hoodie I will ever get.
~Tilly's verdict~
I like the warm sleeves . I love the bunnies because they are so cute!
They feel like I am cuddling a bunny.
 It works with nearly everything I have in my wardrobe.

I feel happy that Liddy has one because I like wearing her clothes and I more feel grown up and happy to have the same as Trixie. 
~My Verdict~
My first Hey June pattern.
I would recommend this to a beginner, there are sooo many directions.
I didn't enjoy sewing this but I am pretty sure it was the fabric, not the pattern.
The hood pulling back really bugs me but to be fair I swopped it to a View that didn't have a hood.
It was a good PDF that went together well.
Hmmm, possibly the cuteness of those bunnies renders the sewing a little less repugnant. 


  1. You are a hero, sewing nasty fabric into three whole garments! They really are great, though, so it paid off. Trixie's enrire outfit lulls me, it is so cute, and I love Tildys comment about the hoodie working with her wardrobe. She's a little fashionista!

    1. Thank you so much Masha, I will admit my heart was not really in this one.
      Tildy has totally embraced the capsule wardrobe, it is so cute.
      xx N

  2. Your kids are delightful. It's hard for us to get excited about sewing synthetic hoodies, especially three times over, but you can't beat the fact that you, you make their dreams come true!

    1. Aw, thank you!
      They can be very nice when they want to be.
      I am not a fan of synthetic fabrics, sewing or wearing but needs must.
      xx N

  3. It's no fun working with annoying fabric - but the results are so cute on your girls!

  4. I bought some Spotlight stuff that was synthetic almost like an unbrushed polar fleece. It was actually quite nice to work with and the added bonus for my daughter, the recipient, whose student flat doesn't have a dryer, it is quick drying.

    I really like the rabbits. Despite your reservations they all look really lovely.

  5. This dries really quickly and so far, ALL the filth washes out, bonus!
    Thank you
    xx M
    PS I love it when you tell me stories about your children.

  6. BUNNIES!!!!! These are adorable. The fabric looks like one of those very expensive Scandinavian cottons - too bad it doesn't feel/sew like them! You are a hero, and your children look pretty thrilled.

    1. It definitely looks cute and it is very velvety on, I noticed Tilly gets hot in hers so it obviously doesn't breathe too well... but a nice comfy after bath pop on.
      Thank you!
      xx N

  7. I'm not showing Freya as she would insist that I make one (and my queue is already too long!!)

    1. It was a quick sew and you would only need a metre of fabric, it is on sale... just saying...
      xx N