Friday, October 27, 2017

Lekala #6112 Hooded Waistcoat

The beauty of sewing is being able to make something exactly to someones' wishes. 
Hugo asked me if I could make him a vest, but something snappy, preferably with a hood but lined, with satin, in a funky colour and could it have a zipper? Not buttons, oh and pockets that would hold his phone...
Lekala#6112 was a lucky find. It is labelled as a 'hooded waistcoat' which is exactly what Hugo requested.
I sewed it up in some aubergine cashmere/wool blend that had been stashed for a few years (purchased from a Saltbush fabric sale). 

The lining is stretch satin from DK's fabric.
As I wanted to bag the lining there was quite a bit of brain storming with this sew. I wished I had blogged it immediately but Hugo grabbed it to wear. I have only just got photos
I think... the construction was along the lines of creating the lined hood, sandwiching it between the lining and the main. Then I sewed the outside shoulder seams, lining and main, leaving the side seams. I then sewed the lining and main side seams in one pass, leaving a good size opening in the side seam to pull the vest back through after bagging.

I then turned the garment, right sides together and sewed the lining front raw edge to the main, sandwiching the zipper in between. Turned, pressed, turned back again and bagged the lining.

There was  quite a bit of edge stitching to the seam allowances too but I have NO idea exactly when I did that.

All I know is, it worked, it saved me a ship load of hand sewing and it is one sturdy and very warm vest that Hugo has flogged this Winter.

I tried to put the eyelets in to run a elastic casing through the hood but I right, royally stuffed those up.
 Luckily it looks fine with out it.
~Hugo's Verdict~
I have a few light weight knit jumpers and wool coats but did not have an in between (garment) that would keep me warm but also compact enough to roll up in my bag.
When I was shown the pattern for the hooded vest it was exactly what I needed.
I also really like the purple (aubergine)! wool and peach lining it is sewn out of as it works really well with all my shirts and gives my outfit a more casual look.
It kept me warm during my Human Physiology exam.

~My Verdict~
This was truly one of those projects when I was 'winging' it.
The wins... managing to successfully bag the lining and having the perfect fabric and notions in my stash.
The loss... managing to set the pockets so they face back wards instead of forwards, at least they are so big he swears it doesn't bother him.
Lets not talk about the installing of eyelets...
You know this projects you think are going to be a piece of piddle and then they take f o r e v e r? This was one of those.
The custom fit is great, no complaints there, any issues that arose were my own doing.

Thanks for reading xx N
Worn with Aime Comme Marie shirt and Kwik Sew jeans.


  1. I loved reading what he wanted and how you managed to find exactly what it was! That is so awesome. It really makes sewing worthwhile. Looks great on him!

    1. Thank you!
      It is a nice thing to do with all of them.
      Zara is planning her wardrobe for uni next year, we are having a blast.
      xx N

  2. Oh those eyelets that you're meant to be able to set with a hammer NEVER work for me. I think without a press it's a pointless excercise. now I just need a press...
    And Hugo reminded me of a human physiology practical lab from "back in the day" I was the guinea pig and had to sit in singlet and shorts with my legs in a garbage bin of iced water and an window opened to Melbourne's winter at my back, and I think maybe even a fan blowing on me. I was quizzed on general knowledge and had to perform fine motor tasks until my core body tempterature measured something stupidly low and I stopped making any sense at all. Not entirely sure what the point was, but I just remember being slightly glad I was in the "cold" camp not the "hot" camp.

  3. Do you know what? I actually have a press. I didn't realise that my (piece of sh*t) cover stitch has one of the side. I used it for Liddy's silver coat and the difference is amazing.
    Next time...
    What on Earth did the 'hot' group have to endure?
    I am telling that story to Hugo.
    Thank you!
    xx N