Wednesday, May 8, 2019

OOP Buterick 6237 Dungrees for Matilda

Last year, when I cut out Zara's pinafore I cut out these dungarees for Tildy.
To be perfectly honest, I has forgotten about them.

I only remembered when Tildy begged me for some farm dungarees like Trixies.
image from Pinterest
I had an inspiration photo in with the cut dungarees.

I did sew the waist tie and belt loops but Tilly didn't fancy them.
So we left them off.
Originally, I had cut the front facing from corduroy too but when I went to sew it I realised how thick all those seams were going to get so I swopped it out for Liberty lawn.
The zipper is sewn in, after the garment is completed.
This happens often with vintage patterns and it makes replacing the zipper (if it breaks) a lot easier.
The waist band centre back was very bulky. I graded the seams and bashed it with my hammer but I made a note to use a lighter fabric to face that, next time I sew this pattern.
Tildy loves the crease lines I press into her vintage overalls so I decided to stitch the front crease in. I like it a lot!
The buttons are purely decorative.
I used some wooden ones, hand-stitched with coral embroidery thread.
My lovely friend Claire purchased these for me in Hong Kong. 
I had wanted some for an age but they were quite hard to find.
Claire went for a trip with her sister and mother before her third baby was born. She saw the buttons and said she made a dash for them. The seller commented he had never seen a pregnant lady move so fast! 
I felt very honoured that she went to that trouble for me.
I love the look of the shaped front and back.
The deep square neck is snappy and the sideless panels offer good movement.
I was concerned they may have been too short in the body so I sewed the shoulder seams with a very narrow flat seam.
I considered doing the same with the waist detail but did wonder if it would look odd as it is already very deep, so I let it be.
 The length is just right!
~My Verdict~
Oh how love these!
They are so cute, Tildy is totally adorable in them.
Once again, a rather ho-hum fabric sewed up into something very special.
They are also very quick to sew, I can see why this sort of thing was the pattern de jour to the busy 70's mother.
I did fold a little of the fullness from the lower leg, just removed the 'bell' shape and I added an inch length.
The pattern is a size 8 and Tilly is 10 years old.
~Tildy's Verdict~
I love the colour and the buttons are really cute
The length is perfect 
The crease on the legs are adorable
I love the front and straps
The waistband fits perfectly
I love the interfacing (I think she means the lining NMK) 
I will wear them every weekend!
Thank you for reading... xx N

Special thanks to Lidia for the action shots. 


  1. They're so nice! I love the stitched-in pleat and the buttons. i feel like I need to start letting my girls choose patterns for me to sew them.

    1. Thank you Masha.
      I was so surprised at how quickly these were to sew too!
      xx N

  2. These do look good on her! Such a classic style and so practical. Interesting about the zip too.

    1. Thank you!
      I *sort of* wanted to set the zip in but this does make sense. It is easy to replace and makes the sew much quicker.
      I have never been about perfect insides on a garment, I like it strong and sturdy, not heirloom (although I admire those finishes)
      xx N

  3. So good with the elbow patch long sleeved underneath ;o)

    1. Thank you!
      I copied the Plantain tee on that BUT they are super practical, they protect her elbows and one is damaged from when she fell off her bike so they work!
      The O+S School Bus tee is a go-to for me. The arms are a bit short but as she always pushes them up, I leave it as is.
      xx N

  4. Love the way these look with the elbow patched tee underneath, she reminds me of a 1940s "land girl" in this ensemble! These are just impeccable, I really really want this particular pair for myself.

    1. I have a similar pattern, bust 38, I will fish it out for you.
      Thank you Inder, I rather like the elbow patches too.
      xx N

  5. Can we hold you to that Tildy? I find it amazing how these styles tend to have a resurgence of interest with just about every generation. I loved wearing dungarees when I was a kid. They are really very comfortable when they fit well! These are perfect for all things farm - you could get as grubby as you liked and that colour would do a good job at hiding it.