Thursday, July 25, 2019

Lekala 'Poncho with Cape' #4480 for Lidia

I fell in love with Lekala #4480, a 'Poncho with Cape', as soon as it was released.
I then found a picture on Pinterest...
Image from Pinterest
That completely made up my mind.
The cover art showed a very urban, hip image and Liddy liked it!
I had some wool/cashmere cloth earmarked to make Hugo an anorak  but I stored it poorly and the silver fish had nibbled at the folds.
With some careful jiggling I was able to cut the vest and cape pieces around the small holes.
The cloth was from Elizas Fabric, which is sadly closing down, $12/m. It is so nice and I was pleased to pick up another 3 metres so I can still make Hugo's coat.
Although the main body is lined the pattern leaves the cape unlined.
We tried that but Liddy commented the fabric was gripping her t-shirt so we decided to line it.
 The lining consists of a khaki, stretch satin remnant and a scrap of heavy Duchess satin for the back panel.
A happy accident that I think looks rather snappy as well as giving some stability to the vest back.
I bagged the lining.
The instructions direct you to finish the arm holes in two passes (not very informative BUT I found this tutorial by Liesl Gibson very helpful.
The custom fit pattern was perfect.
Although a little 'stiff' when first sewn, the cape section soon 'fluttered' beautifully.
The side tabs allowed good adjustment.
(I used these sliders from eBay)
Lidia wore it often on our recent holiday to Victoria.
She said it was very warm.
She has several people comment on it when we were out shopping.
(I love it when that happens, don't you)?
I really like it styled with jeans and boots.
Photo by Trixie
But is looked equally smart over her pink Burda blouse
We found a gorgeous wide leather belt (similar to the inspiration photo) and with her black Loveralls it was a snappier look.
Did you notice the beanie?
One of our favourite holiday pastimes is to trawl Op-Shops.
I always check out the knitted goodies.
Liddy found this fabulous pure wool beanie, brand new, for $2.
It is the perfect match.
~My Verdict~
This was a pattern I really wanted to sew and I am so pleased Lidia obliged me.
The fabric was borderline too thick, the seams needed careful grading (and Lekala have narrow seam allowances so you are not working with much).
Catching the cape between the main vest and the neck facing was heavy going but I used clover clips and turned the wheel by hand (basting first, just to keep things together)
Topstitching the zipper edge was completely bananas, no matter how carefully I graded, there is a lot of bulk there but it looks okay.
I was very lucky and my cape points lined up, first sew of the zipper!
The lining is sewn to the facing edge after the main/cape/facing is stitched which makes things a little easier.
I chose to top stitch my lining seams and edge stitch the facing to lining seams.
I do wish I had put a secret pocket on the inside, I will, if I sew it again.
Now while I adore capes, I will concur they can make moving your arms an issue.
(Tilly tends to run around like Superman with one button done up at the neck)
Liddy assures me there is no problem with movement here.
~Lidia's Verdict~
This cape is so warm!
 I was concerned that with my arms out I could become a bit chilly, but when we went away I wasn't cold at all. 
I really like it paired with my black long-sleeved top and my distressed leather, heeled boots. 
The belt that mum found works perfectly. It's just like the inspiration photo and I love wearing it to make the outfit look a little more classy.  The zip also matches the buckles on the side which I love. 
In conclusion, a lovely Lekala sew.
I thoroughly recommend it but do suggest you consider lining the cape section.
I picked up some lighter, wool flannel, at Elizas Fabrics in the $2 bin and I would love to make another version similar to the inspiration picture, with the collar and shoulder epaulettes, possibly the welt pockets too.

Just need a victim... um ahh, a recipient....

Thank you for reading xx N

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