Friday, September 14, 2018

Loveralls by Petit a Petit for Lidia

When I take the trouble to draft a pattern I try and use it several times.
Why not?
It saves time, you can check the fit with an existing garment and it is usually a quicker sew.
So I made Liddy another two pairs of Loveralls by Petit a Petit
Liddy is 14 1/2 and fits the size 12 with length added to the leg.
Both Lids and Tildy still wear their original pairs

Although Tildy's have needed some work...
Tildy's shiny ones are still going strong.
This denim from Spotlight has patina-ed up nicely and I actually picked up a bit more when it was on clearance.
Back is February, for her birthday, I made Liddy a white, stretch cotton sateen pair.
The fabric was from Eliza Fabrics, around the $4/m price.
From 2 metres I cut these and a pair of Class Picnic shorts (to be blogged) for Tilly.
I added all the extra pockets and trims.
At Zara's suggestion I went with black plastic buttons rather than metal hardware.
This bad boys have seen some Napisan action so she was right!
(In my experience, metal buttons do not like soaking)

While the pattern was out I sewed her up some black ones.
#Ninjacut with some dungarees for Trixie
This fabric was another purchase from Eliza Fabris but this time from the $2 bin.
To be honest, it smelt rank, very inky and chemically pong-y.
After a few washes and air dries, it was fine though.
I left off the extra pockets and trims, even my ninja skillz were not up to that challenge, and used metal hardware.
I also had to use a cotton gingham for the facings.
Lidia rocks overalls.
She actually looks better in them then jeans as she is so slim.
I think dungarees are such a clever in between type garment.
Very practical but still very snappy.
Sewn in a stretch woven they are super comfortable too.
The white version have a summery feel.
Super cool.
Super gorgeous.
Thank you for reading xx N


  1. You are right! They do look gorgeous on her slim figure! Your work is always impeccable!

    1. Thank you so much Karen!
      I adore her in dungarees. To get jeans to fit her we have to size back so much they look like leggings and make her look unhealthy. She is very healthy and just very slender.
      xx N

  2. Beautiful work as usual. How do you wash the shiny pants? I have acquired gold denim like that and I would wash on cold if for me, but kid clothes need warmer temps.

  3. Thank you Jax!
    I washed them on cold and only used a warm cycle if they get filthy. The warm water definitely deteriorates the metallic finish. I wonder if washing is=nside out would help?
    Dead jelly you found the gold, I was able to get copper but the gold had sold out.
    Thank you
    xx N