Saturday, September 22, 2018

Little Things To Sew Bear Hood ~Costume Sewing

Cleaning up my laptop I found this little beauty.
Last year, Matilda volunteered me to sew costumes for her Presentation Night group.
They were doing a dance to...
What does the Fox Say?
Tilly asked if I could make onesies.
I did consider it, I had made Hugo a fish onesie when his class preformed the same song.
Then Tilly said her group were doing a 30 second cut of the song...

I decided I wasn't sewing five onesies for a half a minute on stage, I counter offered hoods.
The bear hood from The Little Things to Sew book
Frog goes croak....
The hood is sewn from faux suede (from a curtain swatch book given to me), it is lined with a scrap of green satin.
The eyes are damaged pingpong balls. I cut a circle of heavy white satin, appliquéd a smaller circle of black vinyl as a pupil and then hand gathered the satin circle over the balls and hand sewed them in place.
It ties with green-y/gold satin ribbon with a few gold pailettes for razzle dazzle.
How will you speak to that horse?
The hood is more of the faux suede but this time with a faux fur middle to represent mane.
I made longer, pointier ears and interfaced the pink satin lining so they stood up.
It is lined with brown satin and tied with gold ribbon.
Dog goes woof...
Constructed from the same faux suede and lined with satin, I drafted over sized ears that flopped up and down as the child moves.
I used a mix of pailettes to simulate spots.
The black with aqua dotty ribbon gave a splash of colour.
Cow goes moo....
(please excuse the screenshot from the video)
The cow hood was a fun sew. I used cow print flannelette which I interfaced to give it some body.
The ears are lined with satin, interfaced so they stand up. The horns are made with scraps from the horse hood, stuffed with wadding.
The black and white ribbon echoes the cow print and I found a big bell to use as a cow bell.
I lined it with white satin.
What does the fox say?
Tilly was the fox.
I used red canvas for the main hood and outer ears. 
The eye patches are cream faux suede with black vinyl eyes appliquéd in place.
I added a few pailettes to catch the lights.
It is lined with red satin and tied with red satin ribbon.
Miss Ballard suggested they pair the hood with plain t-shirts.
I whipped up Tilly a School Bus t-shirt
It is bitter sweet to see my Mum's comment on the photo, I miss her.

~Tilly's Verdict~
I love the little sequins on the sides, it just adds a little bit of cuteness.
They all were cute but I had a thing for the fox hood.
They all are cute and I think my Mum is so clever to be able to sew them and I wish I could make clothes and hats and little things like purses.
Little Things To Sew
~My Verdict~
Like all Oliver+S patterns this sews up really well. All the notches match and, even with all my additions, they took a straight hour to sew.
I think I would have spent an hour cutting each hood out, with brain storming and fabric hunting.
A great little pattern. 

Thank you for reading ... xx N


  1. Dear Nicole
    Your family and sewing are gorgeous - as always.
    But did you lose your Mum? If so, please accept my sincere sympathy.
    I can only imagine how much joy she received from her lovely family.
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you Anne. I really appreciate your kindness.
      I was a late baby and my mother had a long life but she hadn't been well for a long time and it was very hard.
      I was very proud when she joined Instagram so she could watch her grandchildren at play. We visited frequently and miss our trips to see her.
      Thank you
      xx N

  2. Wow! So many variations of the little hood and they are all so cute! Bravo!

    I did find two overall patterns in my stash that are extras that you are welcome to have. They aren't as cute as your vintage ones, though. They are both fairly recent patterns from McCall's: #6304 and #4756. They both go to size 4. I also have a size 7 vintage (1950's?) dress pattern Butterick #9911 that you can have, as well. Perhaps you could google the patterns and see if you would like them?

    1. I did google them and they are all gorgeous. Thank you so much.
      I would adore them but you must let me pay your costs.
      Thank you!
      xx N

    2. Wonderful! Please send me your address and I will mail them to you. :)

    3. You are marvellous, may you email me at ramsgatepoll @ outlook dot com without the spaces and dot is a dot and we can chat.
      Thank you so much!
      xx N

  3. Such cute little animals you have! The hoods are great. I should send you the fat quarter of giraffe print that I have (for what reason I do not know) ;)

    1. Oooh, I will remember you have that!
      Thank you
      xx N